Hadley: Don't You Care?Mature

“I want pizza” Caleb said, already as hyper as usual.

“Then get pizza” I grumbled. Excuse me for not being polite but I’m pretty sure I woke up more tired than I’d been before I went to sleep.

“I don’t have money for pizza”

“Then go pester Alex” I said, rolling my eyes and pulling the comforter back over my head.

Seconds later Caleb pulled it off and sat on me.  See, it’s this kind of stuff that makes me hate him. I shrugged him off and tried to go back to sleep regardless of the chill but the little ginger bastard started jumping on the bed. I glared up at him and he just grinned, still jumping.

“What do you want?” I moaned.

“I. Want. Pizza” he said, jumping at every word.

“What am I supposed to do about it?”

“Get me pizza”

“Get Alex to get you pizza”

“But I want-” he started but was interrupted by the one thing that’ll shut him up for a few seconds; his phone ringing.

I shut my eyes again, thankful for the relative calm in the room and started drifting off to sleep again. It didn’t last long, though.

“What? Mom, just… Mom, calm down and say that again. Slowly. And without shouting” Caleb said, sounding panicked.

I looked up as he started pacing around the bed. Worry decorated his features. Okay, would someone like to tell me what’s going on?

“Mom, I’ve been with Hadley the entire time”

He stopped pacing while his mom spoke.

“He’s with me this second! Say hi, Hadley” he said, passing the phone to me.

“Hi?” I said, giving Caleb a look that said ‘what the fuck is going on?’ and waiting for his mom to speak.

“Hadley, you know that nice John man that lives near you? The one that’s good friends with Cayden?” she said sounding almost hysterical.

“Yeah” I wouldn’t say he was nice but the whole world doesn’t need to know that.

“He turned up here a couple hours ago with something interesting to say. Did you know he’s been sleeping with some stranger?”

I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat. “Can’t say that I did. Especially considering he’s spent the last week with me”

“Well you tell him to get his ass home and to get it home now” she said and hung up.

Caleb didn’t even wait for me to give him his phone back. The second his mom hung up he pelted out of the room and down the walkway to mine and Maxxie’s room. I followed after him, making sure to grab the room key, and caught up to him just in time to hear him shout “you fucking slept with him?”. He pushed passed me, grabbing the room key, and ran back while I just stood in the doorway in shock. How could he even tell? Alex and Maxxie were in separate beds and… oh, that’s how.

“Eww” I mumbled quietly to myself as I caught sight of the used condom sat in the middle of the room.

And then something started to bubble up in my chest. It wasn’t quite anger it was more like… I don’t know, jealousy?

"You slept with him?" I asked Alex calmly. It could just be a huge misunderstanding…

"It was a mistake, Hadley"

"Don't you even care about Caleb?"

He scowled. "Of course I do"


"We're not even going out!"

I had to laugh a little at that. He’s fucking in love with you, Alex. Can you really not see it? "Oh boy, I want to be there when you let him know you're just using him"

"I'm not using him" he got out of bed and put on his boxers and jeans, "where'd he go?"

"Don't...don't even bother"

"No, I made this mess, I need to sort it out"

"You've done enough" I said fiercely.

Maxxie sat up and reached for some clean clothes. "It was my fault" he spoke quietly, "sorry."

I clenched my jaw and turned to leave but suddenly remembered why Caleb had gone there in the first place. "His mom called, by the way. John ratted you guys out"

"Shit" Yeah exactly, Alex.

"I'm taking him home" I said. Frankly when your mom tells you “get home” she means fucking get here now or I will shoot you in the face.

"I wanna see him"

"After this? Why should I even let you?"

"So I can fucking apologise and try to make it up to him!"Alex said irritably.

"Fine. If he actually lets you in it'll be a miracle, though"

Alex pushed past me instead of waiting for me to move. Jackass. Maxxie sighed and leant back on the wall, closing his eyes. I stayed stood in the doorway, watching Alex out of the corner of my eye.

"I'm sorry, Hads" Maxxie eventually said.

"It's not me you should be apologising to"

"I should be more patient. I said I'd wait, and so far, I've done a pretty poor job of that."

"I knew you were gonna sleep with other people. I just didn't expect it to be the guy my best friend's in love with"

"Yeah, well I hardly expected it to be my ex, either."

I didn’t say anything to that. What can you say to that? Maxxie got dressed and stood up, no doubt going to find Caleb as well. I stepped into the room and flopped on the bed, still not saying anything as he hesitated in the doorway. He opened his mouth to say something but apparently changed his mind and went off to see Caleb. See, this is why I never bothered with all this in the first place.

The End

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