Maxxie: ex sex.Mature

When we get back to the motel, Alex finds his door locked and when I ask where his key is, he tells me "Caleb's got the key." I roll my eyes, wandering off down the walkway to my room instead.

"What're you dithering for?" I ask, noticing that Alex hangs back, hovering by his door. He watches me and shrugs, trudging down the walkway towards me. "You can help me chill out," I smile slightly, "you piss me off, you cheer me back up. Sounds fair, no?" He just laughs and wraps his arms around my waist from behind, kissing my neck with familiar ease as I unlock the door and let us in.

"Two single beds?" he asks, looking up from my neck for a moment, "typical." Smiling, I turn in his arms and kiss him on the lips effortlessly, surprised at how... natural it feels. After what's happened between us, I expected weirdness, or awkwardness. But there isn't any. Not even when Alex slips his hands under my shirt and holds my waist firmly.

"Your hands are cold," I whine, putting my head on his shoulder and he laughs softly as I breathe in the scent of his aftershave and the old leather jacket.

"Why d'you think I'm using you to warm them up?" I can hear the smirk on his voice and I smile, lifting my head to kiss him again. As my lips part for his probing tongue, he pulls me close, holding me there for a long minute. I break away long enough to pull at his jacket and slide it down his arms. He lets it fall to the floor as he pushes his hands further up under my shirt, making me shiver slightly.

He teases me just so, following his memory around my body as he undresses me, just as I follow my own memory around his. Not that he gives me much chance to, mind. Once I'm down to my boxers, he pushes me against the wall, his kisses forceful now, rather than teasing and I feel my legs weaken slightly. The fact that the only thing I've managed to strip him of is his jacket only adds to what he's making me feel right now.

And what he's making me feel right now, can be clearly seen in my boxers. 

As he pulls off his shirt, he grinds his hips into mine, forcing a moan from my lips. I close my eyes for a moment, trying to remember how to breathe as he presses up close against me, our bodies moulding against one another with ease. His hands rest on my hips, gripping loosely as he leans down, planting softer kisses along my jaw, down my neck and across my torso making me shiver slightly with impatience and anticipation. 

Crouching before me, he tears my boxers down and I kick them away in the vague direction of my other clothes, more interested in what his lips are doing to my cock. I groan as he teases me  more and more, moving to take me into his mouth and then only placing yet another kiss on my member instead. I tangle my fingers in his hair, trying to guide him, but he's not having any of that.

He stands back up and pulls me over to one of the beds, locking our lips together as he lowers me down onto it so that he's above me on all fours. Smiling, I reach up and unbuckle his belt and make short work of the button. I push them down before he has a chance to argue and slip my hand under the elastic of his boxers, working an eager groan from him. 

I don't think either of us can stand much more teasing, to be honest. It's been so long. And as I let him pull me onto all fours beneath him, waiting for him to roll on a condom, I realise I've missed this more than I should have. I also realise that I should probably feel guilty about this for Caleb, but as Alex's finger, cold with lube, pushes into me, I forget all about the outside world. He adds another finger and stretches me a little, though in truth, I was already relaxed enough for what's coming. 

And then he's there, pushing into me, clutching at me. We moan together as he thrusts gently, doing his best to tease me still, but when I push back on him fervently, he takes the hint and fucks me with an insatiable growl. 

We don't stop to think; we just do what feels good. We switch around, and I lie on my back with my legs around him so he can hit that spot that makes me moan like some porn star, and frankly, makes me feel like one, I stand and face the wall, using it as support. After that, I can't even pay attention to the position. All I know is they all feel fucking brilliant. 

Eventually, neither of us can hold out any longer; he reaches for my dick and pumps it in time with his thrusts, turning me into a trembling mess beneath him. With a shudder and a string of loud profanities, I'm done. Alex bends over to kiss me hotly, sliding out of me. He pulls off the condom and throws it somewhere on the floor. I need no more telling than that. I shift onto my knees and give the guy the blowjob he deserves for a performance like that, not letting up til he's done too. 

He pulls me up, grinning and kisses me one last time before stumbling over to the other bed to sleep. I collapse back on my bed and somehow pull the duvet over me before falling straight to sleep.


The End

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