Maxxie: Kidnapping Hadley.Mature

Caleb was waiting for us. He had sat, waiting for me to bring the Saturn back. That is the only way I can imagine him noticing that I'd only just pulled up. About two seconds after I'd put the hand brake on, he was there, standing by the door, looking all expectant. 

"Bitch, give me back my car."

"When you sign the paperwork for it, I'll gladly hand it over," I smile. He glares. 

"Keys, now." I pretend to consider it for a moment, earning a whine of "Maxxieeeee" from him. 

"Y'know, I'm having second thoughts about the whole thing," I say innocently, "I'm rather attached to my car." I'm not, but winding him up is pretty amusing. 

 "That was the first nice thing I ever had. I always got my brother's hand me downs since there's so many of us," he sniffles and I smile sweetly. 

"Well, you're welcome to ask nicely."

"I already did," he says, sniffling again. 

"No, I distinctly remember you calling me a bitch, and demanding it back. Where I come from, that's not asking nicely."

"Where Caleb comes from that's equal to giving you a blowjob for it," Hadley says and I smirk.

"Oh, Caleb owes me far more than a blowjob for a car like this." I pull the key from the ignition and dangle it in front of Caleb tauntingly. He tries to grab the key from me, but I hold it out of reach, smiling innocently. 

"Asshole," he mutters and I shove the key in my pocket.

"Say bye-bye to the car."

"Fine. What do I have to do to get the car back?" Be less ginger. 

"Have a wild guess," I say, getting out of the car.

"Get my grandma to knit you a nice woolly sweater?"

"No, but it might be appreciated in the winter, thanks," I smile.

"Then what?" He whines. 

"Well blowjobs are a good place to start, I guess. We can work from there."

"That's Hadley's job," he says, crossing his arms, making Hadley blush, bless him and I roll my eyes. 

"Yes, but until Hadley's actually ready for more than a kiss and a cuddle, I'd prefer not to push him too far. I can ask Alex, but you're the one that wants the car."

"I'm not blowing you."

"Shame. Where's Alex?"

"In there," he says, pointing to their room and I nod to myself, wondering whether I would be able to sneak off with someone today or not. 

"Maybe he'll win the car instead." Caleb pouts and I smile. 

"Fine. But there's no Maxxie blowing going on in that room. There's Caleb blowing and Alex blowing, yeah, but no Maxxie blowing. Take him back to yours, I'm kidnapping Hadley."

"Why no Maxxie blowing?" I pout. I haven't had a decent blowjob in a while. I would quite like one, while we're on the topic. 

"Because I said so."

"Ehh, whatever," I laugh, "play nice with Hadley." He grabs Hadley and hugs him protectively, stroking his hair.

"Get off me," Hadley grumbles and I roll my eyes again.

"I said ‘nice'. I'll get Alex and leave you to it," I mutter, hearing a "yeah, you better," as I walk over to their room. I don't need to knock as I reach the door. Alex steps out and greets me with a kiss on the cheek and links arms with me, practically marching me away from the motel.

"Hello to you too," I laugh. He smiles, and moves his arm around my waist.

"And I used to think you were hyper," he shakes his head slightly, "you were fucking mellow compared to Caleb."

"Maybe you're just getting old," I wink and he scowls. 

"And here was me thinking about buying you coffee."

"You love me really." He nods.

"Mmm. You never tried to make me get into legal fights," he says thoughtfully, steering me into a coffee shop. We sit at one of the tables at the back, skipping a fairly essential part of being in a coffee shop. "How comes? I mean, the other day, when Hads got his hair cut, he asked me what if I died and what about Caleb? I don't remember us ever talking about that."

"I was either confident enough, or stupid enough to think that you wouldn't die," I shrug, "you were doing what you wanted to do, and I wasn't going to stop you." He hums, frowning slightly. Before I get a chance to ask where this has all come from, a waitress comes over and asks if we would like anything to drink. 

The End

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