Cayden: HospitalMature

Wow, the American medical system never lets you down. Whoever said anything remotely like that can fuck right off. I’d been lying in that bed for three days with untreated broken ribs. How did I know they were broken? Well, the docs in this place had the bright idea to give me an x-ray…the day after I fucking got here. And now they were apparently deciding what “the best course of action” was. Bandages or a plaster cast you dickheads. I was lying in bed being grumpy and miserable and not exactly able to breathe properly when in strolled part of the reason I was here.

“Still haven’t fixed you up then, Smithy?” John laughed as he came and sat next to my bed.

“If you don’t have anything constructive to say, fuck off” I said moodily.

“Morphine not working then?”

“Oh trust me, the morphine’s working. It’s just this place is so shit they won’t actually treat me”

“Give em some credit, Smithy, they need to wire your ribs back into place”

“Then get them to fucking hurry up and do it” I growled.

“Chill, dude, they’re probably waiting for test results or something”

“They didn’t fucking do any tests. They just left me in this fucking bed”

John stood and kissed me, earning us a glare from the guy in the bed opposite me. Now, normally I’d let that slide. I’m a pretty liberal guy, everyone’s entitled to an opinion and all that. But drugged up impatient Cayden is fucking irritable.

“Oh piss off you intolerant bastard” I shouted at him, wincing slightly as the morphine started to wear off and my lungs pressed against my broken ribs.

“He didn’t mean that” John said politely before turning back to me.

“Yes I fucking did” I muttered and John tutted.

“Want to hear some gossip?” he asked, sitting back down.

I nodded. You never know, it might cheer me up. Hey, maybe someone mugged Alex on the street and he was in intensive care fighting for his life.

“Your boy Maxxie’s run off with baby bro” John said. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t cheer me up then.

“What?” I asked viciously.

“Saw them with my own eyes. You know the pizza place? They walked out of there together all lovey dovey. Guess Hads wasn’t entirely straight after all”

“That’s fucking sick. He’s using my little brother as his fucking rebound? That’s just fucking petty” I spat.

“There’s something even better”


“Yeah. You know Hadley’s little buddy Caleb?” I nodded. “And how he was Ginger McVirgin-pants?” I nodded again, not entirely sure I liked where this was going. “Well, he’s not anymore. That guy, Alex was it? He’s been fucking him like every day since they met”

“And when exactly was that?”

“The day I was fucking you, I think”

“Ouch. Does his mom know?”

“Not that I know of”

“Okay, John, I want you to do something for me. I want you to walk out of here, drive to his mom’s place and rat him out. I want you to tell her and make their lives fucking hell. Can you do that for me?”

John nodded and left with another kiss. That was just fucking wrong. I mean, Alex must’ve been around the same age as Maxxie so that’s what, a seven maybe eight year age gap? And dude, he’s fucking a kid that’s barely eighteen, need I say anymore?

And then there’s Maxxie and Hads. Why would Hadley even run off with him? The kid’s horrifically straight. Almost too straight. Maxxie must be trying to get back at me or something. Yeah, that’s it. He’s trying to get back at me and he’s using Hads as his weapon. He’s gonna like twist Hadley’s mind or something and get him to hate me even more than he already does. Or he’s gonna wear him down til he finally gives in, fuck the poor little straight kid and then just fucking abandon him. Honestly, Maxxie, that’s just petty and embarrassing. Oh well, the second I get out of this fucking place I know exactly where I’m going.

The End

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