Maxxie: Nacho thiefMature

I say nothing, just laying there, listening to him eating and the TV on in the background. Eventually, I just fall asleep there like that, making my arm slowly go numb. I'm vaguely aware that at some point, Hadley gets up and I hear him moving around in the kitchen. After a few minutes, I smell something good and open my eyes, wondering if I can steal whatever it is he's cooking.

As I sort of wake up again, I'm welcomed back into reality with a peck on the lips and I smile, stealing a nacho that's now hot, and covered in salsa and melted cheese. He gives me a fake glare.

"I thought you wanted me to eat."

"I do. But it smells good," I say, shoving the nacho in my mouth. Tastes good too.

"Told you I could cook a little bit."

"I suppose you would object to being my chef, though," I smile, stealing another one.

"Make your own," he says angling the nachos away from me.

"I would, but I'm comfy, even if laying on my arm made it numb," I give up stealing more nachos from him, though.

"Idiot. I guess I could make you some..." he smiles. I laugh.

"You're alright, I'm not that hungry."

"Then stop stealing mine," he says kissing my cheek and I grin.

"Mmm, okay."

"Actually, you can have ‘em. I don't want anymore," he says after eating a few more. I frown.

"What's up with your appetite?" I ask, concerned. He shrugs and my frown deepens a little. He kisses me, as if doing so would wipe away my worry that somehow the stress of realising he's not quite as straight as he thought he was all his life, or over pretty much running away from home or that I'm generally something to do with his lack of appetite would go. Sure, I kiss back. But it doesn't stop me being concerned.

Smiling, he gets up and wanders into the kitchen to get a drink, leaving me with his nachos. Well, I can't let them go to waste, right? I sit up and slouch against the back of the sofa, picking at his nachos. I watch as he stumbles on his way back over to the sofa bed and I sigh slightly.

"You should go see a doc if this keeps up."

"Nah, it's nothing." I arch an eyebrow, at which he asks "what?"

"Nothing," I shrug, going back to picking at his nachos.

"It's obviously something. Tell me," he says with this kind of worried look.

"Well people aren't supposed to be dizzy and tired and not be hungry," I mutter, my frown coming back.

"I've never had that much of an appetite, it's been a tough couple days for me and I'm probably dizzy cause of the heat or something. Nothing to worry about," he says with a smile. Mmm. That doesn't exactly comfort me, but I figure it's best to leave it for now.

"Yeah... so when are you gonna call your rents and let them know you're okay?"

"Called em while you were snoozing. Mom's not exactly thrilled with your choice in friends." I wonder vaguely if I should believe him, given his refusal to call them for the last few days. And then  I promptly feel guilty for doubting him.

"I can imagine. Alex has always been a bit... over protective," I half smile.

"In true American style she's thinking of suing."

"Alex'll have to work a bit harder than one fight a month, then," I mutter, finishing the nachos.

"Yeah..." Hads says as I take the plate into the kitchen and dump it in the sink.

"Speaking of Alex, d'you wanna go back to the motel and see Caleb?"

"Should I be suspicious?" he laughs a little and I smile, shaking my head.

"No. He's your best friend, I figured you might wanna see him," I shrug, "I should probably take the car back to him, though." Not that I have any idea how we'll get back here without it, but y'know.

"Yeah, he's probably in the corner of the room crying over it."

"Not if Alex has anything to do with it. Either way, I need to go car shopping. Again." Because we all know how much I love parting with large sums of money. 


The End

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