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Jeez, it’s not that bad, Mr. Grumpy. I got dressed and watched Maxxie mope around, grumbling about how he didn’t like waking up and how he’d rather be asleep. When he finally got round to brushing his teeth I had a thought: how the hell was I s’posed to brush mine? I hadn’t been counting on falling asleep the second we got to his place.

"Can I... Can I use your toothbrush?" I asked after dither around for about ten minutes.

Maxxie nodded and I shuffled into the bathroom, brushing my teeth faster than I probably should have. I don’t like using other people’s toothbrushes, it’s weird.

"Ready?" I asked once I was done.

"Give me another eight hours in bed, and then I'll be ready."

I crossed my arms. "Get used to it, buddy"

All he did was scowl.

"How did you ever manage to get up for work?"

"I dunno but it was a fucking miracle."

I smiled. "Get moving, lazy"

He grunted but moved, even if it did take a while. Although it took so fucking long to get him to actually go to the store.


"Now that I'm here I'm not that hungry"

Maxxie rolled his eyes. I can’t help it, I haven’t been all that hungry lately.

"I'm a teenager, I'm supposed to be difficult"

"Mmm. Well pick stuff you'll eat later on, then. I don't have anything in the fridge."

I picked up a readymade pizza and stared at it for a couple seconds. "Mom'd kill me if I got this back home"

"Well unless a miracle happens and I learn how to cook without exploding things, takeout junk will become staple foods to you."

"In other words, you're gonna make me fat" I said, laughing slightly.

"Well I'm not fat," he smiled.

"Boobs" I mumbled. Okay, so he didn’t have boobs but it’s my one way of making fun of him.

"Shush. I'll go back to the gym as soon as life settles down again."

"You should climb trees, it costs less"


"Works for me" I said, turning my attention back to the food.

"I can tell," he said, smiling slightly.

I smiled a little. Did he mean that in a good way or a bad way? "What's that s'posed to mean?"

"Oh, nothing," he giggled.

"What?" I asked, blushing a bit. That didn’t really help me there, Maxxie.

He pecked me on the lips and I kissed back, blushing a little. What? I’d only just gotten over it and dude, we were in the middle of a general store. He smiled and went back to the food, leaving me still puzzled.

"Seriously, though. Am I too skinny or something?"

"No. You look fine."

Yeah, that’s what they all say. Then next thing you know you’re strapped in the back of an ambulance being taken to like rehab or something for anorexia. I smiled anyway, it was a compliment after all, and went back to looking at the food. I saw Maxxie smile back out of the corner of my eye.

"I have no idea" I said after a while because I honestly had no fucking clue.

"Well what do you normally like?"

"Whatever Mom cooks. She's one of those "big, family meal" types"

He rubbed the back of his neck. Didn’t Cayden used to do that a lot when he was nervous? "What does she usually cook?"

"A lot of Italian stuff. Uh... she likes roasting stuff..."

"Italian stuff's okay, I can cook pasta without killing anyone," he laughed and I smiled.

"I can do a lot of stuff on a barbeque. Man, I sound like a hillbilly"

He chuckled. "Barbeques are good."

I picked up a couple of things, not really all that interested in them. "Can't Mom just come live with us?"

"If I had a bigger apartment, yeah," he laughed.

"Get a bigger apartment then" I said, chuckling. I was only half joking.

"Yessir" he saluted and I poked him gently.

"I'll hold you to it"

"We might as well all move to London, save me finding someplace else to stay."

"Free healthcare and rain vs sunshine and decent syrup. How do I choose?" I laughed.

"Then there's also the big house vs the 'relationship' between me and my mum that Cayden attempted to repair." He smiled, "That could be interesting."

"Wait, he actually tried to    fix     something?"

"If I didn't have seven years of bitterness behind me towards my family, he might even have succeeded."

"Wow. Maybe he did change a little bit..."

"Not enough, apparently"

I smiled sympathetically at him. I guess I forgot how much of a fucking asshole Cayden must seem to people that didn’t grow up with him. Maxxie shrugged and I gave him an almost concerned look before randomly announcing "I want nachos"

"They're over there" he said, pointing out where they were.

"Thanks" I headed over to them and stumbled a little, feeling dizzy all of a sudden.

"You alright?" Maxxie asked, frowning.

"Mmm, just a bit dizzy" He gave me a concerned look and I smiled at him. "I'm fine now"

"Hmm" he said doubtfully, "you're having something to eat the moment we get back. I'm not having you passing out on me"

"Yes, doc"

He took my hand and I smiled. "Seriously, I'm fine. And I still don't have my nachos"

He pushed me towards the nachos and I grabbed a couple bags.

"Shark is happy now" I said as I walked back over to him.

"Good," he smiled and kissed me.

I kissed back and blushed again, making the cheeky asshole chuckle.

"S'not funny" I said, burying my head in his neck.

"It is. It's cute," he said, hugging me.

"I don't like cute" I mumbled against his skin.

"Don't like cute?"

"   Being     cute"

He giggled. "There's nothing wrong with being cute."

I whined and kissed his neck, smiling a little at how weird it felt when he hummed.

 "C'mon, let's finish with the food shopping"


He slipped an arm around my waist and I leant my head on his shoulder, grinning as he kissed the top of my head. We walked around the store like that, picking up a few more things til I felt dizzy again. I put a hand to my forehead to see if I was burning up but everything seemed fine. A concerned frown slipped onto Maxxie’s face.

I shrugged. "Maybe I'm coming down with something"

"Maybe. You done here?"

I nodded and he paid for everything while I stood nibbling at a candy bar. He grumbled something under his breath about having to carry stuff.

"Give me something then"


"Then don't moan"

He shut up at that and I chuckled. "Good pooch"

He scowled and I smiled innocently at him. He rolled his eyes and I bit back a grin.

"Want me to scratch behind your ears?" I asked innocently.

"No, but sleeping all day would be good."

I rolled my eyes. "Fine"

"You can sleep with me," he said innocently and I grinned.

"Unfortunately I'm actually gonna do something with my day" Not to mention there’s no fucking way I’m ready for what you’re on about.

"Such as?"

I shrugged.

"Then uh... sleep on it" he grinned.

"But I'm not tired"

He leant in and whispered "Who said I was thinking of    that     kind of sleep?"

"You're gross" I said, laughing a little.

He laughed back and I smiled.

"I wouldn't worry, to be honest. I'm too tired for anything like that today."

"No raping today then. Harsh"

"Sorry to disappoint."

"And I was all geared up for an afternoon of weeping and self-loathing"

"I'll try harder tomorrow"

Yeah…please don’t.

The End

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