Hadley: Going Back To Maxxie'sMature

Chinese huh. I guess he’d asked Caleb for some advice while he was over there getting the car keys. It’s kind of a good thing he did, though, even I know I’m not exactly the best person to take to a restaurant. Maxxie ordered Singapore noodles and I went for sweet and sour chicken, wondering if it’d be as good as it is at the place back home. Or if it’d be as good as Mom’s sweet and sour chicken. I didn’t notice I’d been eating in silence til Maxxie spoke up.

"You alright?"


He shrugged. "You're being really quiet."

"Am I?" I asked, scratching the back of my head. Was I seriously being quiet?

He nodded.

"Oh. Sorry" I said with a small smile.

"No, it's okay. I didn't choose a bad place to come eat, did I?"

"No, it's actually quite nice"

He sort of smiled, almost as if he was nervous. If he was I didn’t notice anyway. "It's better than the place back home"

"Good," he said, smiling a bit more.

I glanced around the restaurant. The décor was nice. A little over the top but still nice. I started poking at the food on the plate in front of me, not feeling all that hungry anymore. I glanced at Maxxie as I was looking round the place and saw him frown slightly. Jeez, Hadley, could you be any more ungrateful?

I looked down, feeling almost guilty. "Sorry"


"I'm being fussy"

"Doesn't matter."

I laughed a little. "I don't know about you but I was brought up with manners"

"There's no point in pretending, just to be polite," he shrugged, "at least not with me. I'd rather know."

I smiled a little and ate some more, even though my stomach protested a little. It was Maxxie’s turn to be quiet then, apparently caught up in his own little world. I watched him for a while, trying to figure out what he was thinking about but he noticed me and blushed.

"Now you're the one being quiet"

"Mmm. I was trying to remember if my apartment's clean. I was thinking about going back there sometime soon... we can't stay in a motel forever."

"I guess not. I better let my folks know what's going on then, huh?" I said, smiling nervously. I’d rather just pack up and leave.

"It's up to you. I mean we could stay there longer if I had the money, but I'll need to either sell my house or get a new job of some kind," he said with a half smile, "we can go back and see 'em in a bit, if you want."

"No, I want to see your place"

He laughed a little. "It's not very exciting."

I shrugged. "It's something different after nineteen years of the same thing"

"Fair enough," he said, smiling slightly.

I started poking my food around again, my stomach flat out refusing to ingest any more of it. I glanced over at Maxxie who was eating his meal slowly and figured playing with my food was ruder than just sitting patiently so I stopped and sat watching Maxxie. Okay, so maybe gawping at him while he’s eating is ruder than playing my food but it was the best idea I had. He glanced up a few times and his cheeks slowly turned a light pink colour. I smiled at him and he smiled back. It’s weird, a few days ago I’d always pictured doing this with a girl but now… I started swinging my legs under the table a little, as much as being sat at a table will let you really and waited for Maxxie to finish eating. He eventually finished his noodles and I poked what was left of my sweet and sour chicken once more for good measure.

"You want any of the dessert things?" he asked and I shook my head. I don’t think my picky stomach would let me anyway.

"Wanna go then?"


He paid for the meal and took my hand on the way out. I stretched and stifled a yawn, not letting go of his hand for a second. He smiled a little. "To mine, then?"

"Yup" I nodded.

We got in the car and started on the drive back to Maxxie’s place. Before long I found myself yawning again and blushed a little.


"It's fine," he smiled, "you can sleep when we get there, if you want."

"So you can rape me?" I asked with a smile and he smiled back.

"I won't rape you. I promised good behaviour, remember?"

"For all I know rape might be good behaviour for you"

"I shall keep my hands off you unless you say otherwise, how's that?"

"I can work with that"

He smiled and I hummed as he pulled up outside his place. He let us into his apartment and I stepped inside, looking around.

"Kinda messy though" he said, swearing as he tripped over something.

I giggled and he flopped on the couch, scowling at me. I flopped on top of him with a laugh, smiling as he put his arms around me. I kept smiling as I poked him.

"What was that for?" he asked, scowling again.

"No reason" I said, poking him again.

He giggled slightly and kissed me. I kissed him back and poked the tip of his nose, pulling my finger back as he licked it. "Eww"

He grinned and I scrunched up my nose, licking his cheek. He leant up and licked both of my cheeks, giggling.

"You're gross" I smiled.

"You started it" he said, winking.

"Did not"

He nodded.

"I only poked you"

"Actually, you belly-flopped me" he laughed, "and then poked me."

"And then you licked me. So you started it" I said, poking his nose again.

I could see in his eyes that he wanted to lick my finger again.

"You even dare"

"Or what?"

"I'm a shark, remember?"

"Mmm" he smiled.

"And what do sharks do?"

"Swim around in circles?" he asked innocently and I rolled my eyes.


"Aaaaaaaaand... be scary?"


He pretended to think about it. "Bite."


"But you wouldn't bite me" he said, breaking out the puppy dog eyes.

"Oh yeah?"

He kissed me. "Yeah"

"Lick me again and you'll find out"

He poked his tongue out and touched it to my nose. You might be cute, Maxxie, but nobody gets away with licking me. I bit his tongue gently but the cheeky bastard just turned it into another kiss.

"You have a shark fetish"

"Only for this particular shark"

"You're a sick man, y'know that?"

"Then maybe you should make me better"

"I didn't mean that kind of sick" I said, poking my tongue out and he smiled.

"Any kind of sickness can be cured, y'know"

"Then maybe you should see a doctor"

He pouted. "You can be the doctor"

I shook my head. "I'm not the doctor type"

"That's a shame" he said, pulling a cute little sad face.

"You might need a doctor though if you're so willing to get bitten by a shark"

"Might need the doc for the bites" he giggled.

I smiled and kissed him, loving how he hummed as he kissed back. I pulled back and yawned again. Jeez, why was I so tired lately?

"I think someone's in need of a comfy bed for the night"

"Am not"

"Then why're you yawning?" he smiled.

"I've been yawning for the past three days"

"So maybe you should chill the fuck out and get some sleep in," he laughed slightly, "call your 'rents and get it over with so you can relax a bit."

"Maybe later" I mumbled and he kissed me.

"Don't keep putting it off"

"I won't"

"I'll hold you to that."

I chuckled and rested my head on his chest, humming as he hugged me. He smiled and played with my hair and I felt myself starting to get sleepier.

"I'll fall asleep if you're not careful"

"Bed" he said, pulling me up.

I whined. I was comfy there, dude, why’d you have to go and move? He pushed me into the bedroom and I mubled "Rapist"

"You wish" he laughed, "go to sleep"

"Mmm" I pulled him into bed with me. If I was being forced into sleeping, I wasn’t sleeping on my own.

The two of us spooned for a while before I felt myself falling asleep and cuddled up even closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his waist, stopping him from leaving even if he wanted to, and planted a kiss on his collar bone as I fell asleep.

The End

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