Maxxie: Shark.Mature

The shower was... well, it was nice, but I don't know how much of it was inspired by how long I spent with Caleb. When he pulls me close again, and shuts his eyes I smile and slip my arms around him, linking my hands in the small of his back. He rests his head on my shoulder, and I bow my head forward to kiss the crook of his neck.

He hums into my skin and I suddenly find myself thinking of stuff to stop myself getting turned on by this whole situation. That wasn't supposed to happen. I blush, doing my best to keep thoughts of things like renewing my gym membership and selling my house in my head. Usually, I wouldn't have bothered, but I don't want to risk putting Hads off with my somewhat overactive libido.

It doesn't work, though. Oops.

He gives me a questioning look and I peck him on the lips, mumbling a "sorry". To my surprise, he smiles.

"For what?" I just gesture south wordlessly, feeling my cheeks heating up again. He giggles and I bury my head in his shoulder, embarrassed that I apparently can't control my own thoughts.

"Don't laugh," I whine.

"But it's funny," he says through another giggle.

"You're mean." It's not funny at all. I've spent two hours mindlessly fucking Caleb, and I'm still horny? What gives?

"No I'm not."

"You're laughing at my expense," I smile, "of course you're mean."

"If I'm mean then what are you?" He pouts and I laugh slightly.

"Umm... a very nice person?"

"Sure," he smirks and I pull a kicked puppy face. At this, he just grins and I put my head back on his shoulder.

"I dislike you. You know that right?" I mutter.


"Honestly. Who takes a guy into the shower and then laughs when he gets a boner?" I tut, trying to scowl at him.

"Me, apparently." I hum in agreement, torn between just staying there like that or getting out of the shower and hoping it'll go away soon. He pecks me on the lips and without thinking about it, I kiss back. Hadley sighs contentedly and I smile, holding him just a little tighter, tilting my head as he kisses my neck. Even though I'm somehow horny again, just standing here like this with him is fine... I like this. I smile as he plants little kisses on my skin, all the way up to my jaw. Turning my head, I press my lips to his in a kiss that's probably firmer than I'd intended it to be. He kisses back, but then it's over as he's pulling away, blushing.

I bite my lip a little. In fact, I don't even realise I'm doing it until Hadley says "Stealing my thing, huh?" with a smile. I laugh slightly.

"It's rubbed off on me. I blame you entirely."

"You should be blaming Cayden, I stole it from him," he says with this laugh that's almost nervous. I just smile, lifting one hand to brush back his hair so I can lean in and kiss him on the forehead.

"Ah, but I picked it up from you. So it's still you to blame." He smiles and I put my hand back where it had been linked with the other in the small of his back. "C'mon," I mumble, stealing another kiss, "let's get dressed."

"Mmm." I reach over and turn the shower off, pulling him out onto the bathmat with me, handing him a towel. As I grab my own, I watch him, wondering if he'd object to me drying him off. I don't get a chance to find out though, as he wraps it around his waist, walking into the other room.

With a small sigh, I get dried and mirror him, wrapping my towel around me so I can go to my suitcase and get some clean clothes out. Not that I think Hadley would have noticed if I'd walked in starkers. He's got as far as putting on boxers, and has been distracted by his new haircut. Smiling, I pull on some clean boxers and jeans and sit on the bed, leaning back on the wall. I watch him fuck around with his hair a bit trying to make it look like a shark fin or something, before reaching back into my suitcase and pulling out a pot of hair goo.

I throw it across the room to him and he looks down as it lands next to him. "I don't need any of that," he says with a smile, before grabbing the shitty hairdryer and dicking about with it for a while longer. When he's done, he turns and grins at me. "Told you so."

"I'll stick with hair goo," I smile, ignoring the fact that I haven't actually used it in a while. It's effort.

"Are you doubting the shark's knowledge?" he asks, ambling over to me and I smile up at him, shaking my head.

"No, I'm just lazier than you."

"I gathered that much."

"Watch it, you," I laugh.

"Or what?"

"I dunno. Couldn't be bothered to think that far ahead."

"I rest my case." I just grin. He sits down next to me, and leans his head on my shoulder, "Shark is bored." I put an arm around him and smile.

"What would Shark like to do, then?"


The End

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