Maxxie: almighty gingerMature

Eventually, Alex returns, letting himself in without knocking. I'd sort of sprawled across the end of the bed and Caleb was sat at the top of the bed playing with my hair. He takes one look at us and the mess we made of the bed and announces he's sleeping on the floor tonight.

"I'm not sleeping in all your jizz," he laughs, "I wouldn't mind so much if I'd not missed out."

"You could've joined in," Caleb pouts.

"Maybe next time," he smiles.

"No way, buddy, you missed your chance."

"I'll just find someone else to make it a threesome with then," Alex says, ruffling my hair on his way to the chair just behind my head.

"Good luck with that," Caleb sticks out his tongue and Alex just laughs. "He never takes me seriously," he complains, crossing his arms.

"That's because he's a cocky bastard and knows that he can have pretty much anyone he wants," I mutter.

"What an asshole."

"Well I wanted you back at the tree house," Alex smiles slyly, "and I have you, don't I?" I think you have him a bit more than you realise, Lex.

"You took advantage of my youth and how horny I was"

"If I'm such an asshole, you wouldn't have hung around," he grins.

"I don't like you anymore"

"Just because I'm right. Huh," he gave Caleb this sort of cocky, knowing look, "so how was old Maxxie in bed?" in other words, how hard would he have to word to outdo me?

"Like you don't know," Caleb says and I smile slightly.

"It's been over two years since I last had sex with him. He might have improved since."

"Well, fire up the time machine and I'll let you know if he's gotten any better, 'kay?"

"I left it at Maxxie's house in England. Shame that. Maybe I'll just have to see for myself," he winks.


"Oh, but Alex, I'm Caleb's sex toy now. Until Hadley can handle it. You'd have to ask the almighty ginger," I giggle, at which Caleb jumps up so he's standing on the bed above me.

"And I say... no. Your old man balls are all mine now, Alex."

"Not even one quick shag with blondie?" he pouts and caleb giggles.


"Guess we'll have to sneak behind the bike shed for a quickie like the old days, then, eh Max?" Christ, don't remind me. Caleb pouts again and I prod his leg. "What?" he asks, still pouting.

"You're safe; you don't need to worry about old man's balls. He's all yours," I get up and pick up my clothes, "though I am stealing his towel."


When I've cleaned up, I sidle out of their room quietly, leaving them to it. I walk back down the walkway slowly, wondering if Hadley will be upset at me for turning a blowjob into a full on sex marathon with his best friend. 


The End

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