Hadley: HaircutMature

Wow, remind me to see movies with Alex more. It was nice to go and see something without being hugged or molested in some way or another. "Come on, you, something tells me you're gonna need to convince Caleb you're worth keeping" I said as we ambled down the street.

Alex laughed slightly. "What tells you that, exactly?"

"Because we've been gone two and a half hours and neither of them have called me yet"

He smiled. "They can have their fun. I'll just show Caleb an even better time tomorrow night when he's recovered," he said, winking.

I laughed slightly and he paused. "Sorry."

"For what?" I asked with a smile.

"I forget that kinda shit makes you uncomfortable. Remind me to think before I speak."

"It only makes me feel uncomfortable if it involves me" I said, smiling a little.

"Fair enough" he shrugged.

The two of us walked in silence for a while. Hey, didn’t I used to get my hair at some place near here? "Hey, can I borrow like fifty bucks? My wallet's back home"

"What for?"

"You'll find out"

He crooked an eyebrow but handed me fifty bucks regardless and I smiled.

"Wait here" I said, dashing off to see if I could find where it was I used to get my hair done.


When I got back, Alex was stood with his arms crosses and leaning against a nearby wall. He almost didn’t notice me as I strolled back with my new short hair. It was long enough to mess up a little and I still kind of had my fringe but it still looked different.

"Nice hair." He said, smiling.

"With change" I said, handing Alex $10.

"Forty bucks? And I thought the fiver I spend on my hair was expensive," he laughed.

"Nothing but class round here" I started fiddling with my fringe. Did I like it this length? I mean, it must’ve looked pretty pointless, right? I glanced over at Alex and saw him smiling.

"I'll pay you back whenever I get some cash"

"It's alright, I don't mind"

"I want to"

He shrugged. "S'up to you."

"You make it sound like a bad thing" I said, smiling a little.

"No. It just doesn't really make much difference to me"

"Are you a millionaire or something?" I laughed slightly and Alex laughed back.

"That's Maxxie. Well, it used to be, before he got kicked out. I'm just used to living on next to nothing."

I didn’t say anything. There’s not really much you can say to that though, is there?

Alex glanced at me. "You okay?"


"Why so quiet?"

"No reason"

Alex shrugged, apparently letting it drop. The two of us walked back to the motel in silence though I doubt we were puzzling over the same thing. Would Maxxie like my hair? Did I even like my hair? What if he liked my hair how I had it before? Man, should I have even gotten it cut?

"They should be done by now, right?" I asked eventually and Alex nodded. "Guess I'll see you around then" I said with a smile, earning a smile back.


I slipped into mine and Maxxie’s room and saw my note, undisturbed on the table where I’d left it. I guess Maxxie’s still with Caleb then. I lay back on the bed with a sigh, running a hand through my new short hair and closing my eyes.

The End

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