Maxxie: together forever?Mature

Finally done, I let Caleb collapse onto the bed, both of us breathing hard and slick with a mixture of cum and fresh sweat. I sit back, wiping a trickle of sweat from my brow. When did it get so fucking hot in here?

I stumble over to the window and open it a little, shuddering as a cold breeze hits me.

"Y'know, I might just ditch Alex for you," Caleb says when he can talk normally again.

"You mean Alex isn't enough for you?" I laugh slightly. Though I have to admit, despite his age, he's a good shag. And he's not afraid of it. As much as I like Hadley, I can suddenly see myself getting horribly frustrated by it and just fucking off with randomers.

"He's lazy," he laughs and I smile.

"I've never known him to be lazy when it comes to sex."

"Maybe I just expect too much from him. He is getting on a bit after all." I giggle at that. I can't help it. He smiles and I lean back slightly, using my arms to hold me up.

"If he's getting on, I can't be far behind him. Would you ditch me if I was a year older?" I pout.

"Not if you kept that up."

"Mmm. It does take a week of nothing to make me do that though. I'm not sure either of us would cope," I laugh slightly.

"Fine but something similar," he says, pouting a little and I roll my eyes. "What?" he pokes me.

"Well I'm supposed to be with Hadley, not taking my sexual frustration out on you," I mutter, resisting the urge to bite my lip.

"I'm more than willing to deal with it til Hadley's ready."

"Yeah... I'd gathered. But I meant what about Hads?"

"What about him?"

"Well what's he gonna think about me sneaking off with his best friend every time I need to fuck someone?" I was, after all, only supposed to be here to give Caleb a blowjob... not to spend a good two hours working off a lot of frustration.

"He's gonna feel bad for letting you down. And then bam, he'll feel all guilty and next thing you know you'll be fucking like rabbits."

"I don't want him to fuck me just because he feels guilty or like he's letting me down!" That's worse than waiting. I don't want him to feel pressured into it.

"Well then no offence but you're gonna be waiting one hell of a long time"

"I don't want to pressure him into having sex with me, Caleb. He was uncomfortable just getting a blowjob, let alone anything else."

"I never said to pressure him."

"But he'll feel pressured, and that's the same thing." Caleb just shrugs, and I can't believe he's acting so blasé towards the idea of his friend only having sex because he feels pressured into it. I frown slightly, thinking.

"What?" I look up and shake my head a little to clear it.


"No, tell me." Trust you to be the talkative kind, Caleb.

"I don't know what to do," I shrug, "if I keep fucking off with you,  he'll feel guilty, if I don't, he'll feel guilty. I can't win."

"He just needs time to get used to it." Yes and if he only fucks me because he feels guilty, then it won't be letting him get used to it, will it?

"Mmm," is all I really manage to say to that, or we'd end up going in circles.

"And in the mean time..." he trails a finger up my chest suggestively, tracing a faint pattern in the drying sweat on my skin. I smile.

"What if next time I fuck Alex? Then what would you do, eh?"

"I'd kick your ass."

"Now why would you do that?" He blushes a little and I find curiosity sparking. "C'mon, tell me," I smirk.

"No, you'll laugh." That just makes me want to know more.

"Tell me."

"I'm pretty sure I love the guy." Poor kid.

"That doesn't make me want to laugh so much," I say, with a small, sympathetic smile, "that just makes me want to buy you a drink and tell you how sorry I feel for you." Okay, it does make me wanna laugh a little bit.


"Um, hello," I wave at him, "Alex's only long term relationship, sitting right next to you." That probably sounded a little bit harsh, but to be fair, Alex was my only long term relationship, too.

"Y'never know, he might be different this time."

"Call me in seven years time, and let me know how you're getting on," I laugh.

"I won't need to call if Hadley's chillaxed."

"You reckon me n Hads'll be together that long?" I smile slightly at the thought. He nods. Leaning over, I kiss him.

"Good. I hope it works out for you and Lex. He's a good boyfriend," I mumble. 


The End

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