Hadley: Talking With AlexMature

I’d been lying there, curled up on my side for a couple minutes when there was a knock at the door. Was Maxxie done already?

“Who is it?” I mumbled, half expecting Cayden or John to answer for some reason.


"Oh. Come in, it's open"

He walked in, glancing at me curled up on the bed, still in my boxers. "What's up?"

"I think I just made a bad decision"

He sat down on the floor next to the bed. "Which was?"

"I, uh, I let Maxxie... He... I..." I blushed a little. C’mon, Hadley, just say it. "He gave me a blowjob"

"Most people would be happy about that. How's that a bad decision?"

I blushed a little more, feeling like a stupid little kid again. "I don't think I was ready"

"Then... why'd you let him?"

"You don't know unless you try, right?"

"I s'pose."

"And now I just feel weird and a little bit grossed out and I wanna run as far away as possible but I wanna stay right here"

"Well we all know that he just wants rebound sex, so don't let him do that to you, 'kay?" he smiled, "have a shower and get something to eat, you might feel a bit better."

"...Right" I said but made no effort to move.

Alex sighed. "It was just a suggestion. I don't know what else to say."


"It's not your fault. I'm trying to remember what I used to do when I was freaked out about Maxxie coming onto me, but I think I just pretended that he was a girl in my head til I got used to it" he said with a half smile.

"I tried that, it didn't really help" I sighed, "Maybe I'm just supposed to be single forever"

"Yeah, but it took a bit longer than a week, Hads"

Yeah, I kind of ignored that. "I must be. I mean, Ava's the normal one, Cayden's the whore, that leaves me to be the frigid one"

He frowned. "Why'd you think that? You can be whoever you want to be, and if you don't want to be frigid, then sure it'll take some work, but you'll get there."

"Dude, you've met my family, there's got to be at least one of us who can't get it right"

"And as far as I can tell, that's Cayden. He sounds like he's been a whore a lot longer than Maxxie has."

"At least he doesn't feel weird just kissing a guy"

"But up til now you've known yourself as straight. It's hard adapting, I know."

"How long did it take you?"

He hummed and paused for a moment, thinking. "Maybe... just under a year? But you have to remember that the school I was in at the time was full of homophobic nutcases, so I was pretty afraid of what might happen to me back then. It'll probably take you less time," he said with a smile.

I smiled back weakly. That wasn’t exactly what I’d been hoping to hear. I’d been hoping he’d say a few months or something since however long it took him it’d most likely take me twice as long.

"Sorry, that probably wasn't the most encouraging thing to hear, but I'd rather not lie to you."

"If it took you a year it'll most likely take me two"

"Just take it easy and if he tries to push you into anything, you have my permission to slap him" he said, smiling slightly.

"Trust me; I wouldn't need your permission"

"That's more like it"

I smiled a little, feeling kind of better about things. "You don't seem too bothered about him and Caleb"

He shrugged. "Who he wants to fuck is his business. I gave up all right to say otherwise when I walked out on him."

"Are you intending on sticking with Caleb?"

"I wasn't really planning on it, but if he wants me to hang around, I will, so long as he can deal with me travelling a lot."

I frowned a little. "You could always, I don't know, stay here?"

"I follow my paychecks, Hads. I'd be lucky if I got so much as a job as a cleaner anymore," he laughed.

"What do you even do?"

"Cage fighting. The illegal, underground kind."

"The kind of illegal, underground fighting where people have died?" I asked and he nodded. I was silent for a while, just thinking. "What if you died?"

He shrugged again. "I dunno"

"You can't do that to Caleb"

He sniffed, trying to sound like some kind of macho man most likely. "The worst I've had in the last ten years from it is a few broken ribs and some bruises. Oh and a broken foot."

"Still, if you died he'd just keep waiting for you to come back. He might just seem like some dumb kid to you but he adores you". Ouch, where did that come from?

He smiled. "I know he's not some dumb kid. If it makes you feel any better, then I can see if I can get into some of the more legal fights"

"Sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you"

"No, it's fine. I hadn't thought about what might happen since I was with Maxxie."

"Good thing I showed up then, eh?" I said, smiling.


"When d'you reckon they'll be done?"

"Pfft. No idea."

"Might as well do something to pass the time"

"Such as?"

I shrugged.

"I'd say we could go catch a movie or something, but if your brother's called the cops on us..."

"He hasn't. I know what he's like"

"And your mum?"

"She won't til her darling boy gives the word" It’s true, Cayden is her darling boy. Heh, and I thought it’s the middle child that’s supposed to be the bitter one.

Alex hummed. "Movie then?"

"Sure, let me just" I said, pointing at the backpack Caleb had packed up for me.

Alex nodded and closed his eyes while I quickly got changed. He opened them again as I shuffled into the bathroom to brush my teeth and check my hair. I came back and he stood up from where he’d been sat on the floor.

"Lead the way"

I scribbled out a quick note for Maxxie just letting him know where I was and lead Alex out of the room and on the short journey to the movie theater. I could only assume he was paying for the both of us because frankly my money was still in my wallet. Which was in my room. Buried under a pile of CDs.

The End

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