Maxxie: Catching upMature

Poor Hadley. Remind me to get him drunk before I try something like that next time. My reasoning had been something along the lines of "it's a blowjob, no one should feel weird about that, because a mouth is a mouth. And it's a blowjob. Who says no to a blowjob?" but I'm beginning to think Hadley just has issues about sex in general, not just me.

Can't say I've ever been with anyone who's had sex issues before, but there you go. First time for everything.

Somewhat reluctantly, I trudge down the walkway to Alex's room, trying to put aside the fact that Caleb is barely legal. When I knock on the door, I kinda expected that Alex would have been kicked out, but Alex is the one who answers.

"Oh, hey Maxxie. I didn't know you'd hung up your values," he smirks, "but please, get it over with. He won't shut up." I roll my eyes and push past him to see Caleb bouncing around on the bed. In his boxers.

Fuck my life.

"Yeah, you heard the man, hurry it up," Caleb grins and I sigh inwardly, ignoring him. I'm going to make him work for this.

So, with a smirk, I put my arms around Alex's neck and lean up to kiss him.

"Maxxieee," he whines as Alex kisses back, apparently understanding what I want. Hey, I've been deprived of sex for a lot longer than I'm used to, and Hadley won't be able to help. I feel a little bit bad, but what can you do? It's not like we're going out. Alex slides his hand down my body, resting them on my ass as his tongue finds mine and I feel for a split second like we never should have been apart.

I push that feeling aside for a moment, realising that despite my words, I need to rebound on someone, and badly.

"I'll tell Hadley," he says with a pout and I break away from Alex's kiss for a moment to reply.

"Why would Hadley care?" I ask innocently.

"Because you're s'posed to be fucking him and he's letting you blow me, not be all over Alex."

"Max hasn't had any for a while," Alex smirks at me, "the little whore is gagging for it." I'm tempted to punch him in the nuts, but then that wouldn't get us anywhere, would it? So I just scowl.

"Then get over here," Caleb whines at me again and Alex gives me a subtle nudge in the direction of the bed.

"Mmm, but how do I know you'll satisfy me?" I wink, strolling over.

"You're an asshole," he pouts again and I push him back on the bed, silencing him with a kiss. Alex slips out of the room as I push my hand under Caleb's boxers, his footsteps heading towards my room. So much for missing me and wanting me back. Now you're walking away from a sex opportunity and leaving me with a barely legal guy.


Caleb doesn't seem to notice, instead kissing me back hungrily. His own hands stray, and before I know it, we're both naked and he's underneath me, moaning as I slide into him. I hold his legs up and set up a steady rhythm, watching as he presses his head back into the pillow, biting back a groan.

"Fuck," he breathes as I move my hand over his cock in time with my thrusting. When I realise he's not going to last much longer I stop that, pinning his hands down so he can't do anything about it. I'm nowhere near done yet - I have over a week's worth of sex to catch up on.



The End

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