Hadley: BoobsMature

I didn’t want to be there. Things had been going so well, I’d even started relaxing a little over the whole “we’re both guys, that’s just weird” thing, and then John had to go and show up. I was starting to feel a little sick again which isn’t a good thing when you’ve just been nomming pizza.

“Can we just go?” I whispered to Maxxie.

He ground his teeth together and turned, pushing me forward and walking us away from John. John started forward and grabbed my wrist. I didn’t even have the determination to shake him off but I didn’t need it. Maxxie pried his hand off and carried on walking but John just grabbed my wrist again, pulling me back a little.

“Cayden’s in the hospital, no thanks to his buddy,” he said, glaring at Maxxie, “At least come back and let your folks know where you are”

“You’ve only yourself to blame for what happened, John. Fuck off and leave us alone”

John rolled his eyes at Maxxie and started walking away, dragging me with him. Once again Maxxie seemed to have the determination I was lacking because he just full on attacked John.

“Get off me! Are you fucking crazy?!” John shouted.

Maxxie pulled him off me. “I said leave us alone”

“Make me” John said almost smugly.

Maxxie floored him in seconds. Right there on the street outside the pizza place.

“Just leave him, Maxxie” I said. I was tired and I just wanted to go.

“What and let him drag you back there? Yeah, sure”

No one is dragging me anywhere

Maxxie stood up and I flashed him a smile in thanks.

“What, that’s it?” John asked, still on the ground.

Maxxie pulled out his phone, no doubt texting Alex as he said “Oh, I only studied self defense… Never got into the violent side of it the way Alex did”

“That bastard needs a taste of his own fucking medicine”

“He’s had it several times, trust me” Maxxie laughed.

“He obviously doesn’t learn”

“Nope” Maxxie smiled and beckoned me over, “c’mon”

I shuffled over to him, not taking my eyes off John, and nervously took Maxxie’s hand. He returned the grip comfortingly, glancing at John as he said “where to, Hads? Choice is yours…”

John lay back against the ground, apparently giving up.

“Anywhere that isn’t here” I said quietly.

“Guess we’ll discuss that while we’re walking then” he said and I nodded slightly, just wanting to get out of there.

The two of us walked off with no further comment from John. Was I doing the right thing by just leaving home without even a goodbye? Isn’t that what I got mad at Cayden for?

"Maybe...maybe I should go home. Just to let Mom and Dad know I'm okay" I said quietly and Maxxie shrugged.

"It's up to you."

“I don't know" I said with a sigh, running a hand through my hair. Maybe I should get a haircut. People might stop recognising and bothering me then.

"You can always go visit them, or call them. Or if your parents aren't technologically retarded, you can use Skype or something with them."

"Yeah, I guess"

"I can take you back, if you want."

"Not yet. Before Cayden gets back but not yet" Maxxie nodded and I smiled a little, "Where are we headed then?"

"No idea. Anywhere. We can go anywhere."

"We can't go to Mars"

He smiled slightly. "You mean you can't build rocket ships?"

"Personally?" I asked and he nodded again. "Personally no. The best I can build is lego"

"For shame, Hadley Smith, for shame" he laughed.

"C'mon, I spent my childhood picking locks and climbing trees, I didn't have time for building things"

Maxxie smiled. "I was always building shit when I was a kid. Stage sets and random crap in design technology that fell apart more often than it stayed together. No rocket ships, though, I'll admit that."

"You're just as bad as me then" I said with a smile.

Maxxie pretended to consider it. "Maybe."

I relaxed again and soon enough started humming some song I’d heard on the radio. I was about halfway through it when I noticed Maxxie smiling slightly. I blushed a little, feeling embarrassed for some reason. "Sorry"


I shrugged and he squeezed my hand gently. I smiled and squeezed back, earning another smile from Maxxie.

"Do you wanna just go back to the motel?"

"I don't mind," he said, shrugging, "do you?"

"There's not much else to do..."


I smiled and squeezed his hand, causing Maxxie to peck me on the lips. I shivered a little, surprised at the contact but only a little weirded out by it.

"Sorry” Maxxie said.

"It should be me apologising"

"No. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

I smiled a little. "Doesn't stop me feeling guilty about letting you down though"

"You're not letting me down."

"I feel like I am"

Maxxie smiled and ruffled my hair. As nice as it felt I definitely needed a haircut. "You're not."

I smiled weakly. "C'mon. I would say I wonder what Gayleb and Alex are up to but I'm not sure I want to know"

"So? I wouldn't wanna know either."

I laughed a little. "Well, the motel awaits. And when we get back you can pole dance for me or something seeing as I'm your pimp"

"I'm not putting on high heels."

"Not even if I bought them for you?"

Maxxie shook his head laughing. "No. Sorry to disappoint."

"Damn, my plans to turn you into a woman are ruined" I said, trying not to laugh.

"Drag just ain't my style" he grinned.

"Who said anything about drag?" I asked, still trying not to laugh.

"And I'm perfectly comfortable with my gender"

"Sure about that?"

"Fairly" he laughed.

"Ah so there's room for doubt then" I laughed as well and he shook his head. "That's what they all say"

"I'm too attached to my balls to have a sex change. Sorry, Hads, you'll just have to make do" he giggled.

"You could always be a chick with a dick"

"How would that make it any better?"

"You'd have bigger boobs for starters" I grinned and he rolled his eyes.

"I'm happy without boobs, thanks."

"Oh you have boobs, you just can't see them all that well"

He pulled a fake offended face which looked nothing short of cute. "They're not boobs. They're 'you need to go back to the gym' warnings."

I leant over a little and poked Maxxie’s chest. "Those, good sir, are boobies"

"Right. Where's the gym?"

I laughed. "No gym til I have a photo of you in a Hooters t-shirt"

Maxxie scowled at me.

"You act like you don't love it"

"I'd rather not have my gender questioned" he huffed.

"Just because you have boobs" I mumbled.

"Leave my boobs alone" he pouted.

"I'd be careful with those things, the Olsen twins'll get jealous"

"Ew. Olsen twins? Really?"

"Yup. Your boobs are so much bigger than theirs"

He pouted again and I had to bite back a laugh. He was up against the fucking pout master here.

"Pouting doesn't work on me. I have Gayleb, remember?"

"But my pouts are amazing. Only your brother can resist them."

"Serious? Me and Ava used to pout and get our way with him all the time"

"I think you're the reason it never worked when I pouted," he laughed. "I blame you" he said with a wink.

I gave him my best pout, giving him the most adorable puppy dog eyes I could muster.

"What do you want?" he asked dubiously, trying not to smile.

I quivered my bottom lip and Maxxie poked the corners of my mouth up.

   Schmile    ."

"You're gonna be a tough one to crack. My pout of doom will work on you though" I said with a confident grin.

"Depends what you want from me." He laughed and I blushed a little. Did it really look like that? "What's the blush for?" he asked, giggling.

"Shut up, you" I mumbled and he grinned. “I don't like you anymore"

He pulled this adorable little sad face but I don’t give in that easy.

"I'm leaving you for Gayleb" I said, earning a shocked expression from Maxxie, “Even if he would probably rape me in my sleep..."

"I wouldn't rape you" Maxxie said, this huge grin on his face.

"The look on your face isn't entirely convincing"

"You're imagining things"

"This is probably my happy place and you're raping me back at the motel"

"I'm not desperate enough to rape you, it's okay."

I let out a snort of a laugh. "How about in fifty years time?"

"I might be desperate enough then. There's only so long your hand can entertain you."

"Ew, keep your hand away from me" I said with a giggle.

Maxxie smiled. "I'll steal Alex back from Gayleb and rape him instead."

"Aww, what about Gayleb?"

"Well... I guess he can join in if he really wants, but Alex is more comfortable with fucking the barely legal than I am," he said, laughing slightly.

Oh Maxxie, since my pout didn’t work on you I need some other way to entertain myself. "How much would you freak out if I told you I wasn't even eighteen yet?"

The End

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