Maxxie: MannersMature

Hadley was right about the pizza place being great. We split a pizza between us and Hadley mostly picks at his slices absently. I end up stealing those.

"So, how much rent d'you reckon I should charge you?" I ask jokingly.

"I have no idea about stuff like that," he says.

"A kiss a night?" I laugh slightly.

"I think I can work with that."

"You can get a job though. You're not gonna sit around doing nothing," I tell him, perfectly serious this time. Sitting around doing nothing is my job.

"Damn, there go my plans of being a housewife" he laughs, "I was going to get a job anyway, dumby." I grin.

"Good, you can have my job at the coffee place down the road." I sure as fuck don't want it anymore.

"Oh really? What if I don't want it?" he winks and I shrug, finishing the last bit of pizza, washing it down with a gulp of coke.

"You can have it while you look for another. And you can help me look for a new job. Making coffee is fine for a few months... five years is way too long."

"What kind of job did you want?" I rest my head on my hand and sigh.

"I dunno. Acting never went anywhere. Honestly, anything that isn't cafe or restaurant based is fine by me."

"Oh well, there's always prostitution," he says, trying not to grin. Cheeky little fuck.

"You can be my pimp." Not laughing is proving a struggle.

"As long as you buy me a pimp suit."

"It's a deal," I giggle; the mental image of Hadley in a pimp suit is too funny.

"I want a cane and hat as well, bitch," he laughs and I salute him.

"Yessir!" He grins and I giggle again. He smiles and bites his lip a little. I blink and keep my eyes closed a little longer than normal, trying to ignore his resemblance to Cayden when he does that. "You okay?"

"Yeah, just..." he leans forwards hesitantly and pecks me on the lips, a warm pink tone colouring his cheeks. I smile warmly and return it, doing my best not to weird him out. "That felt less awkward. Kind of," he says and my smile widens a little.

"Good to hear," I tell him, and he smiles a little. I don't want him to feel awkward about anything. Kissing and hugging and stuff should be as easy as breathing. As for sex? I fully expect to be stuck with my hand for quite a while.

About ten minutes later, we're leaving, walking out into the sunbathed street. I take his hand without thinking about it, and to my surprise, he squeezes it and smiles.

"Where to now, then?" I wonder aloud.

"Hmm, I don't mind." Helpful.

"Neither do I," I hum, looking up at the clear sky. I watch as a plane cuts a white trail through the air and sigh, "you can't sell houses in England in an American estate agent, can you?" I don't really feel like going back to England, I only just got back.

"Wha?" he asks, with an adorable look of confusion on his face. I shake my head, smiling.

"Don't worry, I'm thinking out loud."


"Hadley?" all thoughts of England and estate agents are erased as a voice I'd been hoping to never hear again speaks behind us. I turn and glance at John irritably hoping that somehow, I could get him on a tall building and push him off it. "Well well, look who it is." I ignore him, gritting my teeth.

"Jeez, Beau has more manners than you," he says, turning to Hads, "You need to come home, Hadley."

"You didn't really destroy Beau's relationship with her boyfriend though, so y'know. Excuse me for being kinda mad at you." Kinda mad? Understatement of the century. I'm fucking livid. I'm just not as good at showing it as Alex.

"Hadley," he repeats firmly, ignoring me. Hadley just shuffles behind me, still gripping my hand. I thought you were supposed to be the one that would give Alex a run for his money, Hads, not me.

"Hadley's moved out, John, he's not coming back."

"Your parents are scared shitless. Please, just come back home." Hadley shuffles further behind me and squeezes my hand again. I return the squeeze comfortingly and wonder if there would be some way of getting Alex over here ASAP. John pauses, watching this. "You weren't happy with one Smith so you thought you'd have the other? That's just sick." I feel a muscle in my jaw twitch.

"I'm helping him get away from a place he hates, nothing more," I lie, wondering vaguely if he can tell I'm just acting. 


The End

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