Annie's blindness scared me. It was like losing her. Again. I sat stroking Lilianna's head as the doctor sat with Annie, talking to her as she cried over the loss of her sight. Jake sat next to her, gripping her hands so hard I could see the blood being lost.

Lilianna was confused, she hadn't understood why there was so much attention being payed to Annie. She had started crying, but I soon sorted her out by taking her for a walk where she flew around the hospital on her side. Her giggling made Annie's plight seem not as severe, and the doctors were hopeful that her eye sight would return soon, and was partly physcological.

I took Lilianna in to Annie when the doctors left, but refused to stay while Jake was glaring at me. He wouldn't be this obvious if she could see.

"Rosa, are you still there?"

"She's going honey. She has a date." I almost smacked Jake right there and then.

The End

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