Maxxie: eww?Mature

Alex comes back nursing his knuckles with an anxious Caleb in tow.

"Remind me not to hit a wall ever again," he mutters, going straight to the bathroom to run it under warm water. I arch an eyebrow slightly and follow him in, watching as he rinses the blood from his hand.

"You let him wind you up, didn't you?" He nods, scowling at his hand. "You're an idiot," I sneak a quick kiss in and smile, "thank you. I think."

"He said something about calling the cops on Hadley, by the way," he mutters and I sigh. From the doorway, I see Hadley freeze.


"He was determined to find out where you are and drag you back. I think I broke his ribs though, so you might have some time to get a bit further than Maxxie's apartment."

"You broke his ribs?" he asks and I wonder if he's going to flip. Caleb nods, the slight nervousness about him suddenly explained.

"It was some scary shit," he says. 

"Yeah, sorry. I didn't mean to get so wound up," he pauses thoughtfully, turning the tap off and wiping his hand on his jeans, "he'll probably call the cops on me too."

"If he doesn't Mom will," Hads groans.

"My next pay check is in Mexico in a week's time; I can be out of the country sooner than that if I need to be," he shrugs, sitting on the bed. I'm tempted to ask what he's gonna do about Caleb, but another groan from Hadley cuts me off.

"Why are they so... I don't even know what!"

"I don't even know your family, and I can totally understand why you wanna get the fuck out. I'm surprised you didn't get away sooner," Alex arches his eyebrow slightly.

"I had nowhere to go." I sit back with Hadley and kiss his cheek gently with a slight smile.

"You have now," I say, my smile widening.

"Yeah, if they don't call the cops."

"You're old enough to make your own choices about where you go. I don't see why, if you tell them calmly that you want to move out, they would have any grounds to keep you at home."

"I guess."

"We'll sort it out, Hads," Alex cuts in confidently. He's probably on first name terms with the cops in Hollywood by now... no wonder he's not worried. Hads gives him a smile, but he doesn't look convinced. "I'll have the cops off your back before I have to go to Mexico. Can't guarantee I can persuade your family to leave you be, but definitely the cops."


"S'okay," he smiles turning to Caleb, "will you cope while I'm in Mexico? You'll be my loyal girlfriend, won't you?"

"I am not your girlfriend," Caleb frowns, and I force myself not to smile.

"Course not, babe," Alex grins, leaning over to kiss him with the kind of dominance that would have made me weak at the knees had it been me he kissed.

"Rape much?" Caleb mutters and Alex chuckles, leaning in and whispering something in his ear that I don't catch, but results in Caleb trying not to grin as he replies with: "Don't think you're getting any tonight then."

"I'll take it on your behalf," I wink, trying to ignore the small pang of jealousy as Alex kisses Caleb's neck, nibbling gently at his skin. Why the fuck am I getting jealous? He's not been mine for the last two years.

"Eww," Hads whines and I smile, ducking down and giving him the same treatment.

"Still eww?" I mumble into his skin.

"Well it's kind of eww on my part," Caleb says.

"My neck doesn't like being molested," Hadley smirks and I move my lips up to his instead humming as he kisses back.

"Gross, get a room," I hear Caleb complaining, but I give him the finger, not breaking the kiss. Hads smiles and Caleb whines. "Alex, do something." So he does. He starts making out with the guy, drawing all of Caleb's attention away from me and Hadley, his hands straying.

You didn't hurt your knuckles that bad then, Lex. 


The End

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