Cayden: This Is A ReactionMature

I sat at the dinner table, mindlessly chewing on a sandwich as Mom and Dad kept shooting glares at me. I tried my best to glare at them with one eye since Mari’s fist bruised the other one shut but it only served to get me more glares from Mom.

“Oh fuck off” I spat, standing up and throwing the sandwich back on the plate.

It was as I was heading back up to my room that I saw a familiar ginger teenager creeping up the stairs. I followed him silently as he crept up to my room and hid when he came out with Maxxie’s suitcase. Evidently he knew where Maxxie was as well as Hadley. Wait, were the two of them fucking together? I watched in silence as he tiptoed into Hadley’s room then followed him in there, shutting the door behind me.

“Caleb” I said, making him jump and drop the t-shirt he was holding.

“Oh, hey Cayden” he said nervously, picking up the t-shirt and shoving into Hadley’s old backpack.

“You, uh, you need that for something?”

“Oh, y’know, Hadley had a go at me so I’m stealing his clothes”

“You suck at lying, Caleb”

“Lying? Who’s lying? I’m not lying” he said, packing more clothes into the backpack.

“Could you at least stop packing for him when I’m speaking to you?” I snapped, trying to stay calm.

“I’m not packing for him, I’m stealing his clothes”

“Even his boxers?”


I watched as he filled the bag with clothes figuring I might as well get some kind of entertainment out of it. He shuffled off to the bathroom and grabbed Hadley’s toothbrush, throwing that in the backpack as well.

“Stealing his toothbrush as well, eh? Well isn’t this starting to look suspicious” I said, crossing my arms and leaning against the doorframe.

“I have a toothbrush fetish” Caleb laughed nervously.

“Where is he, Caleb?”

“My place”

I laughed. “Don’t lie to me you little bastard. We called your mom and she doesn’t know shit. Where is he?”

“Look, he’s with me and he’s safe, okay?”

He dashed back into Hadley’s room and grabbed Maxxie’s suitcase before moving past me and heading downstairs. Oh, my sweet sweet little ginger, don’t think you’re getting away that easy. He’d just pulled the front door open to leave when I grabbed his wrist.

"Caleb, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Where the fuck is he?"

He squirmed, trying to break my hold on his wrist but he was struggling in vain. I was just about ask him again when I heard footsteps coming towards us.

"Get your hands off him," a familiar annoying English voice said before a fist collided with my face. My grip on Caleb’s wrist loosened a little and he broke free, hiding behind Alex.

I laughed a little, happy to finally get a response that wasn’t another glare. "Well look who it is. You finally showed your face, I was starting to think you weren't coming"

"Oh, and this one's from Maxxie," he said, punching me harder.

I tasted copper and spat some blood out onto the doorstep. "Maybe you'll be more helpful. Where is my brother?"

"Just leave him alone, Cayden" Caleb said from behind Alex. Jeez, he looked like some chick hiding behind her boyfriend.

"Why would I fucking tell you that?" Alex snapped.

"Because he's my brother, that's why"

"If he wanted to be found, then you would know about it."

"I don't care whether he wants to be found, he's coming back here right fucking now"

"I congratulate you on your ability to fuck up relationships, Cayden, I really do. You surpass even me. You start to heal Maxxie, and then you tear his fucking heart right back out, your brother is in a state because of you, and you've fucked up John's marriage. Well done to you," he said, punching me in the gut.

I doubled over and laughed again. "You can hit me as many times as you want, it won't make any difference. And don't talk like you know everything"

He whacked the back of my head while I was doubled over but I managed to stay stood up. This was the kind of reaction I wanted, not a pathetic little punch from some bitch who cheated on her fiancé and didn’t have the heart to tell him. "Besides, whose fault is it Maxxie needed someone to    heal     him anyway?"

Alex smiled. "Don't try that one on me, Cayden, I wouldn't be here if he hadn't forgiven me."

"I'm sure your girlfriend has something to say about that"

I took a left hook to the ribs, biting back a smile. "Can we get back on topic, here?"

"Sure. Where's Hadley?"

"You're a stupid fucking bitch, aren't you? I already    said    , I'm not telling you."

"Well then I'm just gonna keep asking"

He winded me and said with a laugh. "Ask now, bitch."

I caught my breath, just about, and rammed his knees but he shoved me to the floor and kicked me in the stomach.

"Alex" I heard Caleb say cautiously, just like his fucking girlfriend.

"I'm gonna calmly ask you one more time where my brother is"

"And I'm gonna calmly tell you, that there's no fucking chance that you'll get it from me." Alex said, ignoring Caleb.

"Alright then. Fair enough" I slowly stood up, ignoring Alex’s balled fists, "He doesn't wanna be found, I get it"

"Took you long enough to figure it out. I never knew you could literally have your brains fucked out, but apparently John managed to fuck yours out."

I gritted my teeth and ignored it. Come on, Cayden, you can do this. "Shut the door on your way out" I waited for Alex to turn around. It’d be just fucking perfect if Caleb was behind him but apparently Alex was too smart for that, pushing his girlfriend out first before turning to leave himself.

The second his back was turned I jumped on him, clawing at his face. "Tell me where the fuck he is!"

Well, that had been the plan. Alex had been ready for it and threw me off before I got any decent damage in. "Tut tut. I'd have thought even you could come up with a better trick than that"

"Well I'm sorry, I guess next time my little bro goes missing I won't bother worrying"

"He's safe, and in better company than you could ever hope to be, so stop fucking worrying." He snapped.

"I'm sure my parents would be happy with some stranger telling them their son's safe" I smirked.

"I'd be happy to persuade him to call them. It's    you     that no one wants to have to see."

"Well you're here, cutie pie, so someone must want to"

"I'm here because you fucked Max over, not to see you." He spat and punched me again.

"Aww, are you just here to make sure I don't fuck your girlfriend?"

He punched me again. And again. The punches kept coming and I didn’t care. He started doing some weird karate shit but I still didn’t care. It was a reaction and I fucking loved it.

"Alex!" Caleb shouted, looking a little scared as Alex punched me one more time for good measure and started walking off.

"Go have victory sex with your little girlfriend and tell Hadley to fucking come home" I shouted after him.

"Hadley's not coming home, you fucking retard" he shouted back.

"He is when I call the fucking cops"

"He doesn't want to come home, Cayden, calling the cops will only make things worse. Stop clutching at a relationship you destroyed."

"I never did shit to him!"

"Then tell me, Cay, why do you think he's fucking run off?"

"How should I know?"

"He fucking hates you people! He hardly needs to say it, it's written all over his face - and I can see why!"

"If he hates it so much how come he stuck around so long?"

Alex laughed. "He was a pothead wasn't he?"

"That doesn't mean shit"

"'Course not."

"Don't act like you know what's going on here"

"I'm making what are called educated guesses. Now, unless you really want to spend a few weeks laid up in hospital, I suggest you shut your fucking mouth and leave Hadley alone"

"Make my fucking day, this is more than I've gotten from anyone else"

"Alex" Caleb said cautiously again.

Alex started forward but Caleb grabbed a hold of him. It didn’t do much, though. Caleb had never been that strong from what I could remember of him.

"Do it" I said, challenging Alex.

He shook off Caleb and attacked me again and I just laughed with every hit. I stopped laughing, though, when I heard the sickening snaps come from my chest. I slumped back against the door, grunting in pain, as Alex and a nervous looking Caleb walked away. Which was when the pain finally kicked in. Oh, and the fact that I couldn’t breathe properly. Yeah, that kicked in too.

The End

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