Annie: Waking upMature

I felt senses starting to roll back and it first was only my hearing. "Help" I croaked my voice sounding so hourse. I heared movement, slight cry of disapointment.

Lilianna??? "Annie, thank god you're awake" Rosalita words are like music. "Look at me Annie"

The last words confuse me. "Uh.... my eyes aren't open" I mutter.

"Yes, they are Annie. Stop joking around" Rosalita whispers her voice panicking.

"No seriously Rosalita. I can't see" I say feeling tears pass down my cheeks. Suddenly a sob escapes Rosalita's lips.

"I'll get the doctor..... Here's Lilianna" Rosalita says. I feel Lilianna placed into my arm and cause the movement is so familiar I don't have to see to know her size and where I have to put my arms to holder.

I hear the door open then close then a few minutes later open again. "Okay, Annie. I'm Dr Heats. Your friend Rosalita here tells me that you can't see" A male voice says.

I jump as a hand touches my face opening my eyes. I hear a click and I guess he's shining a light in my eye but.... I can't see it. I feel myself begin to cry again.

"Why can't I see?" I choke out. I hear the doctor sigh and he pulls back obviously turning to Rosalita.

"I think that not only did your lungs fail for a second but your eyes have failed.... this may cause blindness for about 2 months to 5 years" The doctor says.

"5 years??" I choke out tightening my hold on Lilianna.

"What's happening in here?" Jake's voice travels to my ears.

"Sir, I'm sorry to tell you but your fiancee has gone blind and may remain this way from 2 months to 5 years"

The repeat of it just scares me more and I pull Lilianna to me and begin to cry. This time I think I really did close my eyes.

The End

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