Cayden: ShoutingMature

I was sat on the couch smugly looking up at Hadley who was doing that weird thing he used to when he was little. As soon as he’d  stopped being sick, which was not long after Maxxie left, I marched him straight back home. Dad was furious, Mom was just relieved he was back home. But once Mom got over her relief, the shouting started.

“Why would you do something like that, Hadley?”

“I just… I needed… I don’t know”

“It was completely irresponsible” Dad said, staying calmer than Mom.

“I know” Hadley mumbled.

“Frankly I’m disappointed that Maxxie bought it for you”

“Would you prefer it if it’d been some stranger?” Hadley almost laughed.

“I know he’s Cayden’s boyfriend but Hadley, you barely know the guy”

“Boyfriend? Uh, no. Cayden’s been too busy fucking John to notice his so called boyfriend”

Oh shit.

“Cayden, is that true?” Mom asked. All of a sudden her and Dad had completely forgotten that Hadley went and got fucking wasted in a tree house. Why does it even matter to them? I’m an adult, it’s up to me what I do.

“Cayden” Mom snapped, wanting an answer.

“Yes, Mom, I spent all of yesterday fucking John and I fucking loved it” I spat.

Dad just stood in shocked silence. Yes, Dad, I fuck guys. You’ve known that for a long time, don’t act so surprised. Mom, however, reacted exactly the opposite.

“Jesus Christ, Cayden, he’s married! He’s got a baby! You’re seeing someone!”

“Hardly seems like it now” I muttered.

“Who’s fucking fault is that?” Hadley shouted.

“Sorry, could you say that without slurring?”

“Fuck you, Cayden”

“John did” I smirked.

“You bastard!” someone else shouted.

I looked round and saw John with his arms around Mari’s waist, holding her back. There was hate in her eyes and frankly in that moment she was probably capable of killing me. She started hitting at John’s arms to make him let go of her but he kept hold until she calmed down, if only a little.

“I knew this would happen” she said, slipping out of his grip and picking up Beau, who had been toddling around on the floor.

She backed away from John and over to Mom, who put an arm round the nearly hysterical woman. “I knew it would happen. I knew having him here was no good”

“Mari, calm down” John said soothingly.

“What about me, John? What about Beau?!”

“Oh give it up, Mari, she’s not even mine!”


“I know you slept with someone else, Mari. You slept with someone else and passed Beau off as mine. And I knew but I still married you because I loved you”

“And I’m supposed to forgive you sleeping with him because you love me? Bullshit”

In that instant, everyone started shouting. Mom was shouting at me and I was shouting right back. John and Mari were bellowing at each other. Beau had shuffled over to Dad who had picked her up and put his hands over her ears. And Hadley. Hadley just shouted at no one in particular to stop it before choking out a sob and running out the front door.

The End

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