Jake was being an arsehole about the whole situation.

"Why did she call you? I'm her fucking fiancee! I don't understand why she would choose to call you first!"

"Jake, I was there remember? The dress woman just called me because I'd only just left."

"So what? You left and she almost drowns in her own lungs? How convinient that you weren't there!"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"You were never there for her when she needed you! Perhaps you were jealous that she's found me and did this to her! I don't know!"

"Jake, that is a serious allegation. Don't make me hit you!"

"You think you can take me?"

"Without a doubt."

He lunged for me but a doctor passing grabbed him and held him away.

"Sir, I'll have to ask you to leave if your behaviour continues to be violent." Jake seemed to calm. "Thank you sir. Now have you been drinking?"

"No I haven't had a fucking drink. I'm just waiting for my fiancee to wake up."

"I understand it's hard for you sir, but please try to keep calm. We cannot allow violence here. It upsets the patients." Jake shrugged his shoulders but nodded. I smiled at the doctor in thanks.

"jake we just have to wait together until she wakes up. Until then, why don't we as the babysitter to bring Lilianna here? We can look after her."

"I can look after her."


Jake rang the babysitter and in half an hour she had arrived, carrying supplies and Lilianna. I took Lilianna before Jake could protest and held her. She smiled up at me and began to giggle. Finally. I had missed having that reaction from her. She seemed to hate me when she came back, but we realised it was because I had been missing for three days of her life and babies' minds would register that as a long time. Now she would begin to take me back in and like me. I smiled and let her play with my hair.

"Your mummy will be awake soon Lil'. Don't worry, everything is going to be ok."

"Give me Lilianna."


"Give me the baby Rosalita, I'm warning you!"

"You are no blood relation. I am, I have presidence. Leave her be. She's happy." I rocked Lilianna while Jake walked off, mumbling death threats. No wonder I hate him. I wandered in to Annie's room holding Lil' and settled down on the chair to wait. How long until she woke up?

The End

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