Hadley: Stop ItMature

There I was, all asleep and happy and blissfully unaware of anything and then all of a sudden I’m being woken up by shouting. Well, that and the fact that my comfy Maxxie cushion was gone. I figured maybe I could just pretend to still be asleep, ignoring the shout of “I don’t want your fucking car, Caleb can have it!” but my plan didn’t exactly work when I felt someone’s hand smack me on the cheek.

“Hadley, wake the fuck up” Cayden shouted and I wrenched my eyes open, intending on giving him my best pissed off look but stopped short at his expression. Boy was he pissed.

Cayden grabbed my wrist and yanked me up onto my feet. “If Mom doesn’t ground you for the rest of your life then Dad will” he said sternly and started trying to drag me out of the tree house.

"I'm not leaving him on his own with that" I said, pointing at the bottle.

"Fine" Cayden said, dropping my wrist and stepping over to Maxxie to take it off him.

"Fuck off!" Maxxie yelled.

All of a sudden the two of them started wrestling, Maxxie trying to keep hold of the bottle and Cayden trying to get it off him. Maxxie started biting, kicking and punching to keep him away but Cayden somehow managed to grapple him to the floor. I backed into the corner and hunched over, my arms wrapped around my waist. Apparently I used to do that when I got scared as a kid.

“I thought you wanted me to give Hadley some support?"

Maxxie growled. "And what has that got to do with this?"

"Fucking look at him"

"Then look after him. I hope you do a better job of caring about him than you did with me" Maxxie spat in Cayden’s face.

Cayden gritted his teeth. "I    am     looking after him. He doesn't want you on your own with    that     but there isn't a chance in hell I'm leaving him here"

Maxxie glared but relaxed.

"Stop it" I mumbled quietly.

"I don't even know why I'm fucking trying, though"

"Neither do I."

"Stop being such a fucking bitch about it"

"Then fucking get off me."

"No. You're just gonna fucking attack me again and then we won't get anywhere, will we?"

"I know you think that little of me, but I really want you to let go of me, Cay."

"Stop it" I said as quietly as before.

"Give me the fucking bottle" Cayden snarled.

A muscle in his jaw jumped.

Cayden clenched his jaw, trying not to get any angrier "Maxxie"

Maxxie dropped the bottle and Cayden grabbed it, getting off Maxxie as he said "Thank you"

Maxxie stood up to leave, making it as far as the doorway bef0re the bottle smashed against the wall beside his head. Maxxie turned around and glared.

"Are you    trying     to make things worse than they already are?" he snapped.

"You seem to be convinced I'm so shit at being a brother so tell me, what am I supposed to do about that?" Cayden asked, gesturing at me.

"Why're you asking me? I got him drunk, remember?" he turned to leave again.

"Stop it!" I shouted but no one seemed to be paying attention to me.

He climbed down the ladder and Cayden shouted down at him "Real smooth"

"I picked it up from you, clearly."

"Stop it" I shouted half heartedly. Why was I even bothering? It was like I wasn’t even there.

Maxxie said nothing and Cayden turned to me, arms outstretched. "C'mere" he said softly.

"No. You....I'm gonna be sick" I said, throwing a hand over my mouth and practically sliding down the ladder, landing in Maxxie’s arms.

I didn’t have time to thank him as I dropped straight to my knees and threw up.

"See, that's why you don't get nineteen year olds wasted" Cayden shouted.

"His age has nothing to do with it."

"Uh, it does when he actually obeys the law and doesn't drink"

Maxxie crouched beside me, rubbing a hand up and down my back soothingly. "Sorry, Hads," he said quietly.

“Just fucking stop it, both of you" I said. I didn’t care that I was nearly in tears, maybe then they’d actually listen to me.

Maxxie hesitantly slid an arm around my waist. It was comforting but in a way it was kind of making me feel worse.

"Get your hands off him" Cayden snapped.

Maxxie stood up and raised his hands. No, come back. I groaned, feeling worse now I was down there on my own. Maxxie flashed me a concerned look as Cayden climbed down the ladder. He gave Maxxie a disappointed look as he walked past. Maxxie turned and walked away and I felt another groan escape my lips. Why couldn’t my dickhead of a brother be the one to fuck off instead? He crouched next to me and rubbed my back but it didn’t feel the same. Ugh, fuck off, Cayden.

The End

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