Maxxie: Oh, hello anger.Mature

Hadley is asleep in seconds, but I lay there, awake, my mind turning over with just how fucked up this is getting. John and Cay are all loved up, I want Cay back, but Hadley wants me - but I'm thinking he won't enjoy that revelation so much in the morning.

And then there's the part of me that's getting to like Hadley. I didn't even have to think before I kissed him when he said he likes me.

I lay there thinking about it all until I hear footsteps cutting through the dark outside. They grow closer, deliberate and heading straight for the tree. I close my eyes and sigh slightly as they stop and the sound of the rope ladder creaking takes their place.

"What the fuck?" Cayden's voice sounds somewhere above me and I open one eye, before closing it again. "No, seriously, what the actual fuck?"

"Can I help you, Cay?" I ask, putting on an affected tired tone, like I just woke up.

"You can explain what's going on." Where would I start?

"I was asleep, that was what was going on."

"And where does Hadley being passed out on your chest come into that?"

"If you'd been paying attention to what was going on earlier, rather than spending the whole day loved up with your ex, you would know that Hadley flipped out earlier."

"So you got him fucking drunk?"

"No, Cay, I think you'll find he drunk himself stupid. I didn't make him do anything."

"Evidently you bought it for him and you let him drink as much as he did. You didn't have to make him do anything."

"Have you ever had to deal with your brother when he's flipping out like that?" I snap, "No, no, you haven't because the last time he got this fucking pissed off, it was because you left."

"Really? Seemed like he couldn't wait to be rid of me," he scoffs and I just close my eyes.

"Yeah, well maybe you should pay more attention to your brother, so next time he flips out, I won't have to spend my entire day trying to get people to chill out."

"Nobody asked you to."

"Nobody needed to, Cay."

"Then don't start bitching to me about wasting your day because he's being a teenager." If I could be bothered, I'd get up and slap the asshole.

"I'm not bitching. I just think it should be you looking after your brother, not someone he barely knows."

"I'm sorry, didn't you see what happened the day we got here?"

"There's a reason behind the anger. I suggest you ask him about it some time."

"I'll ask him now. Oh wait, I can't since you let him drink himself unconscious." I laugh. I can't help  it.

"You're welcome to give me tips on how to calm him down. Personally, I'd have said making sure he's not alone when he drinks himself unconscious is better than leaving him to do it with no one to keep him from choking on his own vomit." He growls.

"If he was alone he wouldn't have had the booze."

"I wouldn't put it past him to find someone else to buy it for him." Or to have a fake ID.

"I don't know about where you come from, but round here people don't buy kids booze."

"Cayden, stop bitching out for a moment and get it in your head that while letting him get drunk might not have been the best way to get him to stop being an ass, he's safe, and that Hadley might appreciate a little bit of brotherly support now and then."

"He's been doing alright with Caleb around." Oh man, Cay, how dense are you?

"Uh-huh. I wonder what else you haven't noticed the last couple of days." Hello bitterness. Where did you come from? ... oh, yeah. He just glares at me.

"Shall I tell you, Cay? Or shall I let you go back now?"

"No, go ahead, should be funny." Okay, so I'm more about to give him my to do list, but he won't know any different.

"Sure. Well, I've put my house up for sale in England, I replied to an email from my mum and managed to stay civil, and I put in my notice for my job. Oh, and Caleb borrowed the car." And then there's just how fucking uncomfortable you and John make me, how sick I felt when I had to listen to you and him fucking in the next room.

"And your point is...?"

"My point, Cay, is that you're a fucking idiot, getting all loved up with the guy who, as far as I understand it, broke your heart not so long ago. Does the rest of the world stop existing when you're with him, or something?" he rolls his eyes and I feel like my chest is about to implode. "Go home, Cay, I'll just stand by with a mop and bucket to clean up the mess when John refuses to leave Mari for you." And all the other messes.

"There's hardly anything keeping them together. Beau's not even his. Mari slept with someone else when they were fucking engaged."

"Then why am I still fucking here?" I shout, sitting up and pushing Hadley off me, "why do I fucking bother? Fuck off, Cayden, I'd say forget about me, but you seem to have gone and done that already. You can keep the car, if you can get it back off Caleb." I reach for the bottle Hadley hadn't opened, and fumble with the top, cursing as my hand shakes.  


The End

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