Hadley: FightingMature

Caleb looked at me hopefully.


Caleb looked upset. "So you'll get with him but not with me?"

"Y'know, he never said he'd get with me, either."

"But he looooves me"

Why did Caleb have to show up? Up until then it’d just been me and Maxxie and to be honest, it’d been pretty nice. Then Gayleb showed up and started running his mouth and just being so fucking annoying. I’m sure my face said it all.

"If he loves you, he's hiding it very well."

Caleb pouted. "Can I trade him in for you then?" Fuck off, Caleb.

Maxxie glanced at me. "Maybe."

I snorted. "I thought you were all loved up with Alex?"


"So stop being a whore"

"I'll share him, it's okay." Maxxie said with a half smile.

Caleb grinned and I rolled my eyes. Maxxie smiled a bit more and I felt myself get a little less annoyed. It didn’t last long though.

"So, d'you reckon Alex'll wanna see me again?" Caleb asked. He won’t when he fucking finds out you lied to him.

"Probably. If he can spend nine years hanging around me, I'm sure he'll want you for more than one night."

Caleb grinned. "Not bad for a first timer, eh?"

Maxxie smiled in response. "I guess not. I wouldn't know. I wasn't the one fucking you."

"You know you wish you were"

Maxxie pretended to consider it and Caleb’s eyes practically fucking lit up. "Nahh."

"Oh yeah, sorry I forgot Hadley's more your style"

Maxxie raised an eyebrow. "We seem to have forgotten that I'm supposed to be with Cayden."

"Yeah but while he's fucking John, Hadley's all yours, right?"

"I don't think that was the idea," he coughed awkwardly and Caleb shrugged.

"All's fair in love and war" He was silent for a while, thank fuck, but suddenly his jaw dropped and his mouth hung open in shock. "Oh shit"

Maxxie blinked a couple times.

"What am I gonna do if my mom finds out?"

Maxxie shrugged. "You're old enough, there's nothing she can do about it."

"He's barely even eighteen" I said quietly and Caleb bit his lip, trying desperately not to freak out.

"I thought you were nineteen" Maxxie said, raising an eyebrow and Caleb laughed nervously.

“Yeah, about that..."

Maxxie rolled his eyes. He might not have been so bothered that Caleb was still only eighteen but something told me he would’ve reacted a little differently if he knew Caleb had only been eighteen for three weeks.

"You're a fucking idiot" I said harshly.

Maxxie sighed. "Well Alex won't be so bothered, but maybe you should have thought about what your mum will say before."

"She'll fucking kill me. And if she doesn't she'll wanna meet the guy, or girl. Shit, then she really will kill me"

"Well if she has to meet him, he'll deal with it. He's good at that kind of thing."

"Dude, he's nearly ten years older than me"

"That just means he's had plenty of practice dealing with parents bitching out over stuff," he smiled wryly "but seriously, how's she gonna know unless you tell her?"

"She'll just know. Hadleyyyy, help me" Caleb whined.

"No, it's your own fucking fault" I said, trying to hide how annoyed I was.

Maxxie flashed him a sympathetic smile. "Alex'll help you"

Caleb smiled back at him and I gritted my teeth.

Maxxie apparently noticed after all that time that I was annoyed. "What's up?"

"Nothing" I snapped.

Maxxie held up his hands defensively. "Okay, okay"

Caleb leant over and whispered "You need to put out for him, Maxxie, he's getting frustrated"

"I don't think that's what's frustrated him." Maxxie muttered.


"Well from what I remember, Hadley's straight," Maxxie said with a smile, "I don't think me not putting out is what's irritated him." He glanced over at me anxiously.

"Well what else could it be?"

"You, you fucking moron! You fucking said you were nineteen, of course he wouldn't fucking say no! You've never cared what your mom said before, why start now? And would you stop with the fucking jokes? I'm fed up of it all. I'm fed up of taking my eyes off you for a second and you fucking throwing yourself at me. I'm fed up of all the "Hadley loves me. Me and Hadley are gonna be each other's first times. Hadley should get with Maxxie" shit!" I shouted, jumping out of bed.

Maxxie’s eyes widened slightly. "Chill out Hadley, he's just joking, there's no need to get so wound up."

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. I-Got-Jealous-Of-My-Brother's-Boyfriend-And-Pretended-To-Be-An-Asshole, I didn't realise you couldn't take a fucking joke" Caleb snapped.

"Oh, for fuck's sake," Maxxie banged his head back against the wall and stared at the ceiling.

"I can take a joke, Caleb. It just starts to get annoying when you've heard it every single day since you were fucking fifteen"

"Yeah? Well at least I wasn't a fucking pothead"

"   You're     the reason I was on it anyway!"

"Fucking shut up already! No wonder he jokes about you two being together, you argue like an old married couple!" Maxxie shouted over the two of us.

"Could you just like stay out of this?" Caleb said fiercely. No need to take it out on him, asshole.

Maxxie gritted his teeth and left.

"You're a fucking asshole" I muttered.

"At least I'm not a little fucking pansy virgin who's too afraid to admit his feelings"

"Fuck off" I stormed out of the room after Maxxie and saw him stood at the end of the hall, leaning on the wall and trying not to look pissed off.

Even though I’d stormed out after him for some reason I just felt pissed off again seeing him trying to keep calm. What the fuck did he have to keep calm about?! I stormed past him and down to the living room, growling a little as I saw John all over Cayden. I marched out the front door, not looking back as the door smacked against the wall, and stalked off to the tree house.

The End

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