Maxxie: hiding in Hadley's roomMature

When Cayden and John start making out over the table, I angle myself so I can't see, forcing myself to stay put.

I wish I'd insisted on sleeping on the sofa a bit more than I did - Hadley's room is right next to Cayden's. I got to hear everything, including noises that came out of Cay that I had never been able to get out of him. I'm amazed I slept at all.

After a while, I start channel flicking, bored, and getting more pissed off at John's audacity. Can't they at least attempt to hide it? When John starts nibbling on Cay's lower lip, moaning into their kiss, it's too much effort to stop myself from throwing the remote at his head.

Instead, I let out a bored sigh and switch the TV off, sloping off upstairs. Quietly, I let myself into Hadley's room and sit on the floor, leaning back on the wall. I hug my knees to my chest and exhale slowly, trying not to wake him up. He shuffles a little on his bed and I look up, wondering if he'd woken up anyway. I see his face still smoothed out by sleep, surrounded by his covers.

A smile pulls at my lips - he's cute when he's asleep. I try not to stare, turning my attention back to the ceiling, but my gaze keeps drifting over to him. I stay there like that until he wakes up.

"Maxxie...?" he blinks a few times, trying to clear the sleep from his eyes.

"Hey, sorry," I mutter, "I didn't wake you up, did I?" He shakes his head.

"What're you doing in here anyway? Or do you just stalk people when they're sleeping?" He smiles and I laugh slightly.

"No. John and Cay were making out over breakfast and I was about to throw the TV remote at them. I figured I would look less bothered if I pretended to be bored of the TV." He gives me this sympathetic smile and I shrug.

"He already thinks I'm leading you on, though. I'd have gone somewhere else to cool off, but I guess this makes it look like I'm interested in you, right?" That's my excuse, at least. I'll admit I like having Hadley around, if only to myself.

"Yeah. Do you want me to stick with you today?"

"If you think you can deal with hand-holding and stuff," I smile weakly. He smiles back warmly.

"I think I can manage."

"Good, good," I nod, looking at the floor, trying to think of something to say. As I glance back up, I notice him chewing on his lip. "Gayleb didn't come over while you were asleep. Guess he's not done with Alex yet," I smile a little, "maybe you'll get a break from him today."

"It's quiet without him," he chuckles.

"I can imagine," I say, a small giggle slipping from my lips, "I dunno how you cope with someone so hyper."


"No wonder you were a stoner," I flash him a wry smile, "I should have thought of that when I was in school."

"The headaches from it weren't exactly fun."

"Worse than being beaten up every few days?" I ask, arching an eyebrow.

"I guess not. Pot wouldn't have really helped though." I laugh.

"Yeah, okay. Maybe sitting on the roof in the evenings was a better option after all." That smile reappears on his mouth, and I can't help but smile back. "Tell ya what, though, you don't half get a few weird looks when you climb out of the street-side window." He laughs.

"I'll bet. I guess that's one of the good things about the houses out here."

"Yeah," I nod, "I can't climb on the roof anymore where I live. It's an apartment block, and whoever owns it never gave me a roof door key."

"The locks on those aren't hard to pick, are they?"

"I wouldn't know, I'm a good boy," I smirk, "never picked a lock in my life."

"Serious?" I shrug, my smirk relaxing into a smile.

"Never had the need to."

"Wow." I feel my eyebrow lift up again.

"Don't look so shocked; lots of people manage to go through their lives without picking a lock."

"I've been picking locks ever since I was like seven." I smile, trying to remember what I was doing when I was seven.

"When I was seven, I was watching kids playing kiss chase and wondering why it always had to be the boys chasing the girls." He laughs at that, and I do too, a bit.

"We clearly had very different childhoods." I open my mouth to reply, but I'm interrupted by Caleb walking in and announcing that Hadley so needs to get laid.

"Alex proved just how old he was last night, then?" I ask, vaguely amused.

"Maybe old isn't such a bad thing," he grins and I roll my eyes. He flops onto the bed. "Don't think I've forgotten you, Hadley." Hadley rolls his eyes too and I smile.

"So now you've got Alex, does this mean I get Hadley to myself?" I ask innocently. He pulls a shocked face, his jaw dropped slightly.

"Don't make me choose," he whines and I smile.

"Well you can't have them both, that's just greedy. I've already had Alex. You can keep him."

"Can I at least take Hadley for a test drive?" I pretend to consider.

"You'll have to ask him that one," I smirk, "but I've heard gay guys are much better at giving head than reluctant straight guys. I think your best bet would be Alex."


The End

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