Maxxie: you make a good pillow.Mature

We get back to the house and go straight to the living room. I flop on the sofa and watch absently as Hadley looks through the DVD rack. His DVD rack looks pretty similar to Cayden's; full of horrors and action films.

I don't know the name of the one Hadley picked, but it's a horror. Without even thinking about it, I curl upon the sofa, leaning on Hadley. As I lean into him, I hear a sharp gasp from him - though whether that was at the film, or at me using him as a pillow, I can't really tell. He rests his head on mine and I smile slightly hesitantly snuggling a little bit more.

His breathing accelerates a little and when I glance up, he's biting his lip, managing to look a lot like his brother again for a moment.

"You okay?" I ask, wondering if I pushed him a bit too far. He just nods, not taking his eyes off the screen. I try not to frown and turn my own gaze back to the screen. I catch him stealing glances at me every now and then, and instead of watching people being chased around in tunnels or wherever they were s'posed to be, my thoughts turn to attempting to figure out why Hads is looking at me.

When the film is over, I don't move; I'm all comfy where I am.

"Maxxie...?" Hads asks and I look up at him.


"You know the movie's over, right?" I nod, yawning.

"I'm comfy," I mumble, forgetting for a moment, I'm snuggling with my boyfriend's straight brother. I sort of remember, but when he smiles, I forget again. He puts his arm around me and I just shift a bit, moving so I'm still comfy with his arm there. He hums a little and I can't help the small smile that pulls at my lips. See, Hads? Gay guys aren't so bad, really.

"Do you know if Cayden was in when we got back?" he asks and I try to remember, but honestly, I don't think I cared who was around when we got back. It was Brave-Face Maxxie all the way, and to be honest, all I wanted to do was just sit down and not have to pretend for a while.

"No idea," I mutter.

"Hmm," he hums again and snuggles into me a bit more. I find myself resisting the urge to kiss him, and then wondering where the hell that urge came from. Earth to Maxxie - it's Cayden you're supposed to be kissing, not Hadley.

I might have been able to control my lips, but my arms are doing their own thing entirely, sliding around Hadley's waist. I tell myself it's nothing more than a comfort hug, that my urge to kiss him was just gratitude for how he's been - and for not beating the crap out of me even when I deserved it earlier for hitting him.

Of course at that point, Cayden walks in, wearing just his boxers. I look up, not moving from where I am hugging Hads.

"Hey, guys," he says casually, and I smile at him.


"Where've you been all day?"

"I sorted stuff out with Alex. And then Gayleb dragged us all to this tree house thing. We've been back for a couple of hours, though. I'm surprised you didn't notice." He shrugs.

"I've been busy. That old tree house is still there, huh?" Hadley sort of nods. Busy. Huh. That's one way to describe it, I s'pose. I don't say anything. I think if I said something right now, it would be accusations and anger flying in every direction. So I just tighten my hug on Hads a little and keep quiet.

Cay doesn't seem to notice, but Hadley does, biting down on his lip again.

"So, what movie were you guys watching?" he asks.

"I dunno what it was called. Some horror film," I tell him, managing to keep my voice even.

"Mom and Dad have horrors?"

"It's mine," Hadley says.

"Y'know how I like my horrors," I smile innocently, realising he probably won't remember that time when he made me dinner and I picked out a horror just for an excuse to snuggle.

"Mmm. Well, I only came down to get a drink." And with that he walks off to the kitchen. The moment he's out of sight, I grit my teeth and suppress the urge to follow him in and deck him the same as I whacked Hadley earlier. I notice Hadley frown out of the corner of my eye and force myself to relax murmuring an apology.

To my surprise, he hugs me. I squeeze him gently and rest my head on his shoulder.

"Do I have to go sleep in his bed tonight...?" I wonder aloud. I can't say I want to sleep in the same bed as Cay when he doesn't seem to care that I walked in on him fucking his ex, in that bed. I'm not keen on sleeping in sheets with John's jizz on them, either.

"Not if you don't want to."

"Good. I don't feel like sleeping in John's spunk," I mutter. He laughs, and I manage a slight smile.

"Take my room, I'll sleep on the couch or something."

"No, it's okay. I don't mind sleeping on the sofa. I was just wondering if the whole ‘acting like I don't care' thing included sleeping in Cay's bed tonight."

"Seriously, I insist. I'll probably have Caleb on the phone all night squealing like a high school girl anyway."

"Mmm, well if you're not careful, I'll end up falling asleep on you like this." Not that I would mind.

"I'll have to be less comfy then."

"Nooo," I moan, snuggling as much as is humanly possible, "you make a good pillow."


The End

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