Hadley: Falling?Mature

I glanced out of the tree house every now and then as Maxxie explained what had happened to Alex. By the end of it Alex looked kind of angry and I can’t say I blamed him. “I knew the guy needed a good ass-kicking."

"Who's ass needs kicking?" I asked, poking my head out of one of the makeshift windows in the tree house.

He looked up. "Your brother's."

"Dude, we all knew that a long time ago"

"I didn't," he grumbled.

"Sucks to be you"


"Are you guys coming up here or what?" Caleb shouted, apparently bored with having just me up there with him.

Maxxie went up first with Alex close behind and the two of them sat together. They almost looked like one of those high school couples that are so adorable you just want to stab them.

 "You guys are sweet together" Caleb said, sounding like he’d been doing the whole “speaking what you think” thing.

Maxxie just looked surprised and Alex sort of smiled. I elbowed Caleb in the ribs. Yes they did look cute together but you seriously don’t say that when you’re trying to fix a relationship.

"What? They do"

Maxxie brushed it off with a slight laugh. "Seven years with him was more than enough, thanks," he prodded Alex playfully and Alex scowled, getting him in a headlock.

"You miss me really," he said, giving Maxxie a noogie.

"See, that's adorable. Why don't you ever treat me like that?" Caleb sulked.

"Because I'm not going out with you"

"Doesn't stop them being adorable"

"Maybe not when we're trying to fix what Cayden fucked up, though"

Maxxie whined and rubbed his head when Alex let go. "Be gentle with the noggin, darling," he said, glowering at Alex.

Caleb laughed. "That's what she said"

Maxxie leant on Alex, trying to huff and Caleb looked almost upset.

"Chin up, Gayleb. I'm sure you'll turn him eventually."

"Heh, not likely"

Maxxie smiled and Caleb just sighed.

"Can't you just ditch Cayden for me instead?"

Maxxie pretended to consider it. At least, I hope he was pretending. "If this doesn't work, I’ll think about it."

"You shouldn't lead him on like that, he'll hold you to it later" I smirked.

"Yeah, well if this doesn't work, I'm gonna need comfort sex from    some    one. It's not gonna be from you or Alex," he laughed.


"If it works, you can have Alex."

"Whoring me out now?" Alex said.

"No way, dude, you look old" Caleb winked.

"Twenty six is not old, thank you." Alex huffed.

"Is that a grey hair I see?"

"If I'm too old for you, so is Max." Alex smirked.

"Yeah but he looks younger than you"

I rolled my eyes. "Welcome to the mysterious Gayleb Land, where things only make sense to Gayleb"

Alex and Maxxie both laughed and Caleb flashed me an annoyed look.

"Fine. I shall look elsewhere. Don't come whining to me when you don't get any."

"Hey, I'm nineteen, I've got my whole life ahead of me. Unlike you, Old Man Balls"

Alex pinned Caleb down in a flash. "You were saying?" he said in a threatening tone.

Caleb, unfazed, stuck his tongue out. "You still have old man balls"

"I'm    experienced    ,"


"Shut up," Alex leant down and kissed him to shut him up.

I raised an eyebrow at it, partly at how full on Alex was and partly at how willing Caleb was. What a fucking whore.

Maxxie laughed and pulled Alex back. Was that jealousy?

Caleb looked a little shocked but recovered in time to smirk "You're still old"

"I'm not old til I get beaten in a cage fight."

"Dude, that is so gay"

Alex laughed. "Why?"

"All contact sports are gay"

"Not as gay as your face."

"Have you looked in a mirror?"

"Once or twice."

"Then you should know all about gay faces"

Alex shrugged. "All I had to do was look at Maxxie to know all about gay faces"

Caleb’s jaw dropped yet again. "But he has a lovely face"

Maxxie rolled his eyes.

"I'm serious. If we were in a bar and I had fake I.D. I wouldn't say no"

"You'd have my old man balls, but not Alex's?"

"I imagine yours don't sag quite as much"

He laughed. "They've probably seen more action than Alex's."

Alex pouted. "I'm not liking the way I'm being made out to be so old. I'm only a year older than Max."

"Well, I'm the youngest one here so that means, since you're the eldest, you have wrinkly old man balls. It's all part of nature"

"Sure, sure. You won't be saying that when you're licking them later," he said with a wink.

"Eww, if I'm licking anyone's balls it's Hadley's"

"You're not licking my balls and    stop flirting    " I said, annoyed. Maxxie had apparently zoned out and I was a little worried.

"This is what you call flirting?" Caleb asked.

 "Who's flirting?" Maxxie asked, looking confused.

"Wake up, hotshot, Gayleb's putting the moves on your old guy" I said, trying not to laugh.

"Am not" Caleb pouted.

Maxxie sort of half smiled and looked at the floor of the tree house.

"Something wrong?" Caleb asked.

Maxxie shook his head and Alex slid an arm around him. I frowned, not entirely at Maxxie seemingly covering something. Maxxie looked up to see me frowning and smiled "I'm fine, honest,"

"If you say so"

"Hadley, stop caring and come keep me company" Caleb moaned.

"Your hand's been good enough til now, hasn't it?"

Caleb glared at me and I smiled sweetly at him.

"Alex will be happy to keep you company." Maxxie said.

"Would I?"

"Yes. You're a whore at heart."

"I'm happy with a whore. I'd prefer someone cute but I'll take what I get" Caleb said, smirking at Alex.

Alex raised an eyebrow. "If you want any, I suggest you stop insulting me."

"Who said I wanted any? I'm just bored sat here on my lonesome"

He shuffled up to Caleb, dragging Maxxie with him. "Happy now?"

"Much better. It'd be a lot better if Hadley gave me a lapdance..."

"I don't think you'll be getting one of those."

"He's mean to me" Caleb pouted as Alex patted his head.

"Poor bubba."

"Your patronisation insults me"

"Then don't act like such a kid," Alex smiled.

"He's going to act like a nine year old forever" I muttered.

Alex looked over at him for a moment and nodded. "I can believe that"

Caleb glared at him.

"It's strangely endearing."


"You're over eighteen, I'm not a paedo." Alex scowled.

Caleb pouted. "I thought you just agreed I was nine"

"Acting like a nine year old is different to being one."

"It still makes you a paedo"

"Stop being cute and he'll stop bugging you." Maxxie said but Caleb just giggled. Could he be any more obvious?

"I don't mind him bugging me"

Maxxie rolled his eyes and Caleb pouted again. "What?"

"Your incessant flirting is going to do my head in. Just go fuck each other's brains out already."

"Awh, but I promised Hadley he'd be my first"

"I'm sure Hadley won't mind."

"Go for it, maybe then he'll stop pestering me" I said casually. It has no effect on me who Caleb fucks.

Alex kissed Maxxie’s cheek and stood up "C'mon sexy bum. Let's leave 'em to it."

"I believe I was promised a piggyback"

"So you were," he gestured at the ladder, "ladies first."

"Go on then" Caleb smirked. Man, he wanted him so bad.

Alex shoved him forward and Caleb grabbed the edge of the makeshift door to stop himself falling. “Hey, I could die, y'know?"

"Just climb down the ladder," Alex said, amused. I think he was the only one.

Caleb mimicked him childishly. "'Just climb down the ladder'. I don't like you anymore" But he started climbing down the ladder anyway.

"I'll give you the best piggyback ever. Cheer up."

Caleb grinned at that. Something tells me neither of them were exactly thinking of piggybacks. "Fine"

Alex jumped down out of the tree and slung Caleb onto his back, who nestled his chin into the crook of Alex’s neck. "Where to?"

"To the moon!"

Alex put on his determined face and marched off "To the moon it is!"

I shook my head as I heard Caleb’s laughter echo through the trees. "I swear he's never gonna grow up"

Maxxie just shrugged. "It's cute."

"I guess"

"I used to be like that. Alex is so predictable."

"Maybe he'll end up a little more like you then"

"Jaded and bitter? I hope not."

"Amongst other things"

Maxxie flashed me a half smile. "What other things?"

"You're sweet, you're funny and you're pretty cool"

He laughed slightly "thanks."

I smiled as a curious look snuck onto his face.

"I'm usually good at figuring people out, but you confuse me," he frowned slightly "I don't get why you hate Cayden being gay so much, when you hang out with Caleb and you don't seem to have a problem with me being gay."

"I used to look up to him so much. And I guess it started because I got jealous of all the time he was spending with John. And then when he was just gonna up and leave I got mad and used it as a way to let out how angry I was that he was leaving. Ever since then it's been the only way to get him to even listen to me"

He nodded understandingly. "That's fair enough, I guess. You're not really mad at his sexuality, just what it lead to." He paused for a moment, "you should be using this week to try and repair    your     relationship with him, not mine."

"I'm family, I'm always gonna be around"

"Family is much nicer to have around when you're not fighting," he said sadly, "the only person in my family I get on with now is my granddad." He heaved a huge sigh "Sorry, I'm being depressing."

"Don't worry about it. Anyway, Gayleb are your guy are no doubt off having sex in a ditch, why don't we go do something fun?"

"Mmm. Like what?"


Maxxie shrugged. "Sure."

I smiled and he smiled back. I could see what it was Cayden liked about him. His smile was one of those warm smiles that made you feel like everything was okay. I wouldn’t mind waking up to a smile like that. Fuck, was I falling for him?

The End

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