Cayden: How Is This Not A Dream?Mature

Okay, Maxxie leaving the house is kind of weird considering he had no idea where anything was. Hadley and Caleb following him literally a few seconds later is also weird. Then again, Hads and Caleb could’ve just been sneaking off to find somewhere to go fuck each other’s brains out. Dad suddenly getting a call from one of his buddies and going off to play golf was just too weird. So there I was, home alone with nothing to do. John was round within seconds.

“Hey” he greeted as he walked up to me.

The second the door was shut his lips were on mine. He pushed me against the wall just like before and started tugging at my shirt.

“Not here” I mumbled against his lips and pulled him up the stairs to my old room.

Once the door to my room was shut, he picked up where I’d stopped him, hands moving instantly to the button on my jeans. I pulled him in closer to me, slipping my hands under his shirt and tugging the fabric over his head. His lips met mine fiercely, biting at my lower lip and making me groan. My jeans were undone but I’d been pushed down on the bed before I had time to slide them off.

John lifted my shirt up and over my head before crawling on top of me, assaulting my lips again as our legs tangled together. He thrust his clothed hips into mine, forcing a loud moan out of me. My hands found his belt buckle and made short work of it and soon John stood up and pulled my jeans off, leaving me lying there in my boxers. He kicked off his own pants and then he was back on top of me.

I leant up to kiss him, my tongue easily slipping past his parted lips. He ground our hips together and I almost lost it, moaning loudly into his mouth. His hand moved over my torso, rubbing soothingly at the skin til he reached the waistband of my boxers. I groaned in annoyance as he pulled back then realised what he was doing as he pulled off my boxers.  I moaned as he went down on me because, fuck, it was even better than I imagined it would be. My hands were in his hair, tugging slightly but not too hard. His hands pushed my hips down to stop me thrusting into his mouth which only served to make me whine out his name. He hummed, sending a wave of vibrations up my length and a shiver up my spine. I moaned and he hummed again, sending me over the edge. I threw my head back on the pillow and came in his mouth, moaning as he swallowed it all before pulling back with a smile.

I tried to catch my breath as John moved up to kiss my lips. I lazily kissed him back as I came back to my senses, weirded out but slightly turned on at the fact that I could taste myself on his tongue. Next thing I knew, a lubed finger slid into me. I ignored the weird feeling of being stretched as John kissed up and down my neck. Before I knew it, I was hard again and John had added a second. He started to suck at my neck, biting and nipping, determined to leave a mark.

“I don’t have a condom” I said huskily after he added a third.

“I don’t care”

I moaned, pushing back down on his fingers and willing him to get on with it. He stretched me for a few moments longer before removing his fingers and quickly lubing and positioning himself.

He leant down to kiss me and pushed in without warning, forcing a groan out of me. He wasted no time in setting up a steady rhythm and a few thrusts later he hit something inside me that made me scream like a fucking porn star.

My fingers dug into his back and I wrapped my legs around his waist to make sure he hit that spot every time. “Ughh, harder” I moaned and John obeyed, silencing one of my moans with a kiss.

I sucked and bit at his shoulder, my nails more than likely leaving marks on his back.

“John, please” I moaned against his skin and his hand moved down to take my dick. He moved his hand in time with each thrust and I felt my stomach tighten before I came a second time that day.

I screamed his name against his skin, white flashing behind my eyelids as my entire body tensed in pleasure.

“Cayden” he moaned in my ear, burying his head into the crook of my neck as he came inside me with a few final thrusts.

He moved to my side once we’d ridden out our orgasms, pressing me up against his chest and pulling the comforter over us. I clung onto him, not wanting to let go because fuck, how was this not a dream? He pressed a kiss to my forehead as I tried to catch my breath. I snuggled into him, barely noticing someone open the door but looking up anyway. In the doorway stood Maxxie. He didn’t look shocked or surprised, just froze for a second or two before walking out.

“Don’t worry about him” John purred in my ear so I didn’t, I just kissed John again and lay in bed with him.

The End

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