Hadley: PlanningMature

Trust me, Maxxie, luck has nothing to do with it.

“Get some sleep” I said quietly and walked off before he had time to reply.

I called Caleb, who agreed to be round in five minutes even though he was painfully hungover. This would take a lot of planning but the only thing was, things between Maxxie and Cayden would have to get a lot worse before they could get better. Basically, for our plan to work he’d have to fall completely in love with John again. He’d have to be able to be around John and not have Maxxie even cross his mind. And Maxxie had to keep it together through it all.


“Told you you couldn’t resist my charms” Caleb said as I opened the door for him.

“Shut up, we have a relationship to save” I said, dragging him into the kitchen by his collar.

“Didn’t know we had a relationship but let’s save it” he said, pouting at me.

“Eww, grow up, Gayleb” I laughed.

I gave him a quick run through of what was happening and what was going to happen. The main gist was we were going to make Cayden jealous. Caleb agreed with me that it was a little harsh to make Maxxie wait basically til Cayden slept with John but it was a necessary evil. By our guess he should’ve slept with him by tomorrow or the day after and then we’d have til the end of the week to show Cayden that Maxxie was so much better for him than John. That only left one thing: who to do it?

“I’ll do it, he’s cute enough” Caleb said a little too enthusiastically.

“What if I did it?” I asked quietly. You have to admit, it’d have the surprise factor.

“Does it make any difference?”

“Think about it. I’m his straight brother. What’s Cayden gonna think if his heartbroken boyfriend finds out he’s slept with his ex, then managed to turn his little brother gay?”

Caleb frowned. “I see your point. Are you really expecting Maxxie to go ahead with this, though?”

“I hadn’t thought of that”


The two of us snuck past the living room, where Cayden was sat watching something on TV with Dad, and crept up to his room to wake Maxxie up. He gave us a look that said he wasn’t pleased but waited for one of us to speak anyway.

"We, uh, we've come up with a plan" I said, suddenly not feeling so confident.

"Did it really have to involve waking me up?" He asked groggily.

"Told you he wouldn't go for it" Caleb said smugly.

"We haven't even told him yet, idiot. And it kinda did"

Maxxie yawned and sat up, leaning against the wall. "Go on then. What is it?"

I glanced nervously at Caleb who didn’t seem nervous about any of it. "Well, you know how Cayden needs to realise you're better than John..."

Maxxie looked at me expectant and impatient at the same time. I bit my lip, something I’d picked up from Cayden when I was little, and Caleb rolled his eyes.

"We have to wait til they sleep together before we can start doing anything" he said calmly.

"Well, I don't think we'll be waiting long, do you?" Maxxie said bitterly. I felt sorry for the guy, he really did pick the wrong guy to try and settle down with.

Caleb went on. "And it'd work best if you caught them in the act..."

A muscle in Maxxie’s jaw jumped. Oh dear. Before Caleb could make things any worse sounding I cut in nervously "Or after. Just...just so Cayden knows you know"

Maxxie took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. "How is walking in on them fucking going to convince Cay that I'm better than John?"

"That's where Hadley comes in" Caleb looked hopeful as he said "Or me"

Maxxie gave us another expectant look. Boy, we really suck at explaining plans, huh?

"You... You'd kind of have to... It'd work better if it was Hadley since he's straight and Cayden's brother and you'd see each other each day and..." Caleb trailed off, unsure of how to word it.

Maxxie rolled his eyes. "Just tell me what the plan is."

I swallowed the lump in my throat and spoke instead. "He sleeps with John, you find out, act like it doesn't even bother you and move onto me-"

"Or me!" Caleb cut in.

"Or Gayleb. Then when you don't want Cayden and John's all loved up with Mari he'll realise exactly what he had"

"And boom! You're back with booface and everyone's happy"

"Move on to Hadley? I thought you were the homophobic straight guy." Maxxie laughed.

I shrugged. "If it gets you and Cayden back together I don't care"

Maxxie titled his head to one side slightly. "Why? I mean I'm grateful, but you've only known me like two days."

"Because you're nice"

Caleb let out a snort of laughter. "He thinks you're pretty" Asshole.

Maxxie smiled though. "Pretty, eh?"

I let out a sarcastic laugh and said harshly "You're not nearly ginger enough for me"

 "I am    not     ginger!" Caleb shouted, crossing his arms sulkily.

Maxxie let out a slight laugh.

"So what's the verdict?"

Maxxie was silent for a few minutes, thinking. Caleb insisted on spending that time tracing shapes on my back with his finger and trying to squeeze my ass. Sometimes I really fucking hate him, y’know?

"Well, you're right, it'd work best with you, Hadley, but if you're not comfortable with it, I don't mind." Maxxie said after a while and I shrugged again.

"I've kissed that thing enough times" I said, pointing at Caleb. Don’t judge, we go to a lot of parties.

Maxxie raised an eyebrow. "Fair enough."

Caleb laughed "Mouths are gender neutral, he's got no problem with it"

Maxxie laughed at that and I felt a little better about the whole situation. It’d be better if we never even had to do this but if he could still laugh at things then it couldn’t be all that bad, right?

"Alright then: Maxxie, you just keep acting like everything's okay and you" I said and frowned at Caleb, who had started drawing on my back again "Stop trying to grope me in front of Cayden"

Maxxie nodded and we left him to go back to sleep. I just had to hope it worked.

The End

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