Maxxie: Sure you're okay?Mature

"I'm not lost anymore," I text Alex, lying down on the sofa. Hadley found me wandering around. I'd been looking for an off-licence, not a way back to their house. But here I am, sprawled on their sofa, wondering if Hadley was going to murder his brother at some point today.

"Gdgd. Did hads find u then?" I hadn't said anything on the way back. There wasn't really anything to say.

"Yeah."  My phone buzzes again, but I don't look at the text, because Cayden has just been shoved into the living room, an angry Hadley behind him.

I half look up at him, noticing a faint bruise appearing on his cheek. "What happened to your face?" I ask, opening the text.

"This hads dude sounds kl :) let me no if u need me x"

"Ask dickhead over there," he shoots a glare at Hadley, who gives him the finger and vanishes off upstairs.

"Can't now he's gone upstairs," I mutter, still looking at my phone, wondering whether to text Alex back.

"Something interesting?" he asks and I shrug.

"I sent drunk, rambling texts to Alex last night, and he's asking me if I'm okay."

"...Are you?" I close the message and shove the phone in my pocket, looking up at him.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I have a headache, and I spent half the night looking for an off-licence, totally forgetting I don't know the area, but there y'go." Well, it's not strictly a lie. Cay sighs a little and I arch an eyebrow slightly. "What?"

"Nothing, dollface," he smiles. I look at him doubtfully for a moment before shaking my head.

"Sure. Well, remind me not to get drunk in a place I don't know next time, eh?"

"I won't let you sneak off next time."

"I didn't do any sneaking," I smile slightly, "I don't do sneaking when I'm drunk." But you do, apparently.

He chuckles, "Well then next time I won't let you run off with our tequila." So next time I'll get to see you kissing John while I'm sober? I force my breathing to stay even as I feel the urge to yell at him. They were drunk. It didn't mean anything. There's no point yelling at him over nothing.

"Sounds like a plan," I mumble. A slight frown creases Cay's brow.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asks and I force a smile, nodding. "Max, if something's bugging you just say it."

"There's nothing bugging me," liar, "I'm just tired and headachey. I'm gonna go to bed," I say, getting up. He frowns again, but doesn't say anything. I take that as my opportunity to slip past him and go upstairs to find a bed to go and die on.

Which, of course, is when Hadley appears.

"He's just gonna get worse the longer you guys stay here." I look up and try not to scowl.

"If it's not me Cay wants, then I can't stop him," I say quietly. Yes, I fucking love Cay, and if I knew that fighting over him wouldn't be a horrible experience for him, or risk us falling out more, then I'd do it in half a heartbeat. But I can't be sure. I knew he was hung up on someone when I got to know him a bit better, but I guess I just didn't know how badly he was hung up on the guy.

"He's being an idiot," Hadley's voice cuts through my inward rambling and I look up, surprised.

"Probably. I don't blame him, though."

"John won't leave Mari for him."

"Well how are you supposed to persuade someone that he can't love someone else, huh?"

"Make them realise what they have already is better." I'm tempted to laugh. Really? I suddenly feel like a kid again, with self esteem that's through the floor, wondering how to get the guy I want to see me again.

"Yeah, well wish me luck with that one," I mutter under my breath.


The End

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