Cayden: Open Up OcalaMature

When I woke up, it was to the feeling of being hit. Repeatedly. In the face. I squinted and sure enough there’s Hadley, pissed off expression on his face. He apparently could tell I was awake so he started hitting me harder. Why the fuck was he hitting me?

“Hadley, what the fuck?” I growled, barely opening my eyes.

“Cayden Smith, you’re a fucking idiot!” he shouted, slapping me again.

“Why aren’t you hungover?”

“Barely touched a drop all night” Hadley shrugged.

“So you and Caleb-”

“Do you even know where Maxxie is?!” he shouted, running his hands through his hair as he tried to calm down.

Now that he mentioned it, Max hadn’t come to bed last night. I hadn’t seen him since he came in and stole our tequila. My brain was still fuzzy from the vodka and I couldn’t work out where he’d gone. Maybe he was up on the roof…? No, there’s no way to get up on the roof, the walls are too flat and the roof’s too far away for someone his height. Hadley sighed, fed up with me trying to work it out.

“I’ll go find him. Don’t do anything to fuck this up even more while I’m gone” he said sternly and marched out.

What did I do?


For some reason I found myself outside the Ocala’s. John opened the door, surprisingly cheerful considering how drunk he’d been last night. I stepped inside with the intention of ranting and whining my way into oblivion but the second the front door was shut John pinned me up against the wall, crushing his lips to mine.

“Mari’s at work and Beau’s at nursery, I’m all yours” he said breathlessly before kissing me again.

I kissed back for all of about five minutes before pushing him away slightly. As much as I wanted this, it was wrong. I was with Maxxie for fucks sake. But fuck, this was John. He wasn’t drunk and he wanted me. He made to kiss me again but I turned my head.

“This is wrong” I said, leaning my head on his shoulder.

“I renounced my faith for you” John murmured.


“A couple months after you left. I was fucking miserable without you, Smithy, and if some God was getting in the way of what we could’ve had then fuck him. Fuck all the bullshit rules. We all die anyway, what’s the point of fearing something you can’t see?”

“If you renounced your faith why didn’t you come find me” I snapped.

“I was waiting for you”

“Waiting for me? You knew I wouldn’t come back, not after what you did to me”

“And yet here you are” John smirked.

“You’re an ass”

John chuckled and pulled my head up, pressing his lips to mine again. I didn’t stop him that time. At least, not til he stood in his boxers and was in the process of undoing my jeans. The thing that stopped me? The murderous hammering on the door.

“Open up, Ocala, I know he’s fucking in there” Hadley’s voice shouted.

Without so much as a word to John I threw on my shirt and raced outside, my face meeting Hadley’s fist the second I got the door open. I ignored the throbbing pain in my jaw and snorted a laugh. “Do you really trust me that little?”

“Yes, Cayden. Yes I do fucking trust you that little. I just thought it’d take longer than a day for you to turn into an absolute fucking prick”

“I haven’t fucking done anything”

Hadley just shook his head in disgust. “I found your boyfriend. He’s inside if you think you can face him”

The End

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