Cayden: Spin The BottleMature

You know that point when you’re a little bit tipsy and everyone around you is wasted and all of a sudden everything sounds like a good idea? Well, that’s what point we were at. Caleb had managed to find a half empty bottle of vodka and we’d downed that in no time once Hadley got back. Then someone, and I have no idea who, decided it’d be fun to play spin the bottle. Even though there were only four of us. And two of us were related. And one of us was married. But no, through the fog of alcohol we decided it was a great fucking idea.

First up was me and Caleb which went quickly, nothing more than just a peck on the lips and the same for Caleb and John. Then it was John and Hadley’s turn and it was still just a quick peck on the lips like they were brothers. Then came Caleb and Hadley. Caleb was a lot drunker than Hadley and the fact that he was bi obviously made him more willing but Hads tensed up and looked a little scared.

“Kiss him!” John cheered, slinging an arm around my shoulders.

“I really don’t think I should…” Hadley said, trailing off at the end as he realised everyone was staring at him.

“Now now, little brother, all’s fair in love and war” I said a little evilly.

He opened his mouth to protest again and Caleb took it as his chance. He practically leapt on Hads and shoved his tongue down his throat. Hads fought it for about a second before giving in and relaxing. I think I even saw a little tongue wrestling before Caleb got off him and smirked at me for some reason. He spun the bottle and sure enough, it landed on me again. Caleb smirked at me again, almost as if he was challenging me. I leant over, biting my lip innocently and kissed him exactly like he’d just kissed Hadley. I knocked the bottle on my way back and it shifted over to John.

The two of us looked at each other and in that fuzzy drunken moment we knew. We knew that this was right and there was nothing to stop us. I bit my lip as John licked his lips. And then before I knew it, our lips met. Yet even through the bliss I could taste the soft, sweet sorrow of a love that could never happen. But then John was kissing harder, more passionately and I was kissing back. The taste of his tongue lingered on mine as we pulled back to see Hadley and Caleb equally as involved in eating each other’s faces. John pulled my mouth back to his and kissed me again, guided by the alcohol. We parted after a minute or two and John rested his forehead against mine.

“I still want you, Cayden” he whispered so quietly I barely caught it.

“You’re an idiot, Ocala” I muttered and he smiled.

“This is like some kinda Shakespeare shit” Caleb observed before going back to kissing Hadley.

A few minutes later and Mari appeared with a sleeping Beau in her arms. John staggered to his feet and left, saying a quick goodbye to my parents. What Caleb said raced around my head and I found myself racing to the front door. I ripped it open and bellowed into the darkness “Parting is such sweet sorrow!”

That I shall say good night till it be morrow!” I faintly heard back and shut the door with a smile.

I raced upstairs and assumed Maxxie was on the roof since all the rooms were empty. I sunk into my bed, a tipsy smile spreading on my lips as I fell asleep.

The End

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