Maxxie: date with the roofMature

I sigh and flop back on the sofa with Beau in my arms still, trying not to watch as John puts his arm around Cay. I close my eyes and take a breath. No more panic attacks today, thank you.

I stay there for a while like that, just hugging Beau with my eyes closed, keeping my head clear. Until Beau starts wriggling and whining, bored. "C'mon, you," I mutter, "let's go see your mum." I walk over to her and contemplate just shoving Beau in her arms and walking off - I'm not really in the mood to play happy Max today, but I decide against it, instead asking "how do you entertain kids?"

"Is she getting tired already?" I just nod. "Looks like she's been enjoying your company too much," she smiles and I shrug.

"I was only sitting there with her. Not exactly the most tiring activity."

"Sorry for just dumping her on you. John said he'd look after her but apparently he ditched that idea pretty quick."

"I think he's more interested in the booze in the kitchen," I mutter, "but don't sweat it, she wasn't exactly any trouble."

"She's good as gold. I can take her now, you deserve to have some time to yourself," she smiles again and I had her over, smiling back and hoping she doesn't notice it's fake. I think I deserve some time with whatever booze got John drunk so quick. I mutter a thanks, and wander off into the kitchen, ignoring John and Cay as I grab what's left of a bottle of tequila.

"Don't mind me," I say, walking back out with it. To the roof with me!

"Who's the cutey?" I hear Caleb slurring.

"Shuddup, he's my bro's," Hadley mumbles.

"Why'd he take the booze?" John moans. I ignore them talking as well, heading upstairs, and looking for a window to climb out of. Behind me, I hear footsteps, and turn to face Hadley.

"What're you doing?" he asks.

"Looking for a window to climb out of. I have a date with the roof," I mumble, wondering which side of the house would be best to climb out of.

"Go out the window and you'll end up breaking your neck. There's a better way."

"I've been climbing out of the window for years," I tell him but shrug, "what's the better way?"

"The rope ladder I put up round the back of the house," he smirks, looking strikingly like his brother for a moment.

"I wish I'd been able to put a rope ladder at the back of my house," I laugh, "my parents would have killed me, though," I say absently as I follow him back down the stairs. He smiles.

"C'mon, I'll show you where it is. Mom and Dad still haven't found it I hid it that well." I could get to like this guy. And Cay made him sound like a complete asshole. The first fight between him and Cay was, admittedly, not promising, but he's been alright since. He leads me outside to a patch of ivy sprawling across the wall

"The folks'll never do anything about that so I hid it underneath," he explains, pulling aside some of the greenery to reveal the rope ladder. I smile slightly, shoving the bottle into the waistband of my jeans to keep my hands free.


"Any reason why you took my tequila?"

"Beer doesn't get me drunk. Spirits do. You can have it back if you really want it. I'll go to the shops and get some - and try not to have a panic attack."

"I'm kidding. I'm sure Gayleb will have sniffed something else out by now," he smiles, "don't fall off if you're getting drunk."

"I won't fall off. I'm a master at staying on roofs." Sadly.

"I'll leave you to it then," he says, still smiling. I nod and he wanders off again, heading back inside. I turn back to the rope ladder and climb. Hello roof. You'll be my friend, right?


The End

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