Annie: FaintMature

Mary found me sitting staring at the floor. "Annie, you okay?" Mary asks. I look up at her then immediatly that something other than my recent emotion change was wrong.

"I don't think I am" I whisper then pass out. I wake up in an ambulance out of the wedding dress and into my normal one.

The sirens are wailing and I see Mary sitting next to a paramedic whose speaking but I can't hear his voice. All I hear is the wailing sirens..... or am I?? Its a high pitched wailing that I assumed was the siren but I no longer think it is.

Then Mary's mouth is moving and she's gesturing to my phone. Call??? "Rosalita..." I believe I croak out and Mary nods.

Even in my messed up state I can't call Jake.. he'll be sorting out his work, his house, his stuff and telling his family about the wedding.

The wedding.... I find myself passing out again.

I wake up being trollied on a bed through several doors and my hearing flickers in and out. "Her lungs.... bzzzzzz....... Needs..... bzzzzzzz...... drip NOW!!"

I then pass out again. Whats happening to my lungs??? What do I need??? Why a drip at such ergency???

The End

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