Rosalita:Careful with the dressMature

Annie appearing shocked me. I turned just to see her gaze lingering on my leg. And I just reached out. I took her hand and pulled her in to the little room. There was barely enough space, but with the curtain closed we had our own space. And I was kissing her. Her hands were wrapping round my waist, one of them sliding to the slit in my dress and hoisting it up. I felt her pulling at my pants...and then I realised what we were doing. I let go.

"Annie, stop."

"Hmmm?" She seemed dazed.

"Annie we have to stop. You're ruining your chance to be happy." I bustled her out of the changing room and slipped out of the dress, putting on my clothes. Then I stalked out of the building, Annie staring after me. I ran and ran until my feet were sore, but my mind clear.

I still loved her, but I loved her enough to know she'd be happier with Jake. And that hurt me even more.

The End

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