Annie: In my DressMature

I blush and turn to look at myself in the mirror once again. It strangely feels.... perfect. What happened with Rosalita last night is wiped from my mind.

All that now stands in my mind is my day... Jake at the end of the isle. Lilianna being held by one of the brides maids as she giggles.

"You really do look amazing" Rosalita says from behind me. I turn to smile at her strange pangs still echoing inside me.

"If thats how you react I can't wait to see Jake's" I say. Its like I see something deflate in Rosalita. It hurts to watch so I look away with confusion. "I might keep my hair done up like this"

"Annie! I've found the bridemaids dress" Mary says coming back in carrying a very very light blue dress. I smile at Rosalita whose looking at the dress shocked.

"You'll be trying that on" I giggle. Rosalita shakes her head but takes the dress when Mary hands it over to her.

Rosalita moves off into the changing room and I slowly sit down on the sofa. Mary fidgets and then eventually leaves.

Rosalita still changing in 30 minutes. I get up and move over to the dressing room. "Rosalita are you done" I ask pulling the curtain back slightly just as Rosalita tugs the dress at the end which just reaches her knees. She turns to face me and its not me who tries to kiss her.

The End

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