So here I was waiting for Annie to come out wearing her wedding dress. I couldn't believe what had happened last night. Couldn't she just make up her mind or something? Why did she have to drag me back in when I was just getting out. I didn't love her, when was she going to get it in to her head.

She was getting married for christ's sake! Maybe I ought to get away from here. I shouldn't even be here right now. I should be in another country, away from this fiasco. Why me?

The woman called Mary was fussing about near me. "Are you alright Annie?" She called.

"Yeah give me a second!" She yelled. I started pacing nervously.

"Calm down honey. Here, have a drink." I sat down and took the water she offered. After a few sips, I calmed down. Everything was going to be fine.

I closed my eyes, waiting for Annie to appear. I hear a gasp from Mary and my eyes snap open.

Annie is standing in front of me. Only she doesn't look like Annie. She looks like an angel. And she looks so shy, she's staring at me from under her thick eyelashes, and biting her lip. And suddenly, there's a tingling sensation in my stomach. And everything is fading around me, everything except Annie. I shake my head. Just my imagination. Well, the fading anyway. But the tingling is still there.

"Wow Annie, you look..." How to finish off the sentance....gorgeous, beautiful...fuckable? "...amazing." Nice, better then fuckable anyway.

The End

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