Annie: No...Mature

I leant in. What the hell was I doing?? It was then my phone rang jolting me from whatever I had been thinking. Rosalita yanks her arm from my grasp and I pull my phone out of my pocket.

I flip it open and put it to my ear. God that was close.... I wear her lips brushed mine. I get up and move away with my back to her I lick my lips. "Hello"

"Hey, Annie. Its Mary. I've found a White dress which is the right style but has a lot more gems than you requested"

"Oh, yes thats brilliant. Thanks Mary you're a life saver"

"The first fitting will have to be tommorow"

"First fitting tommorow. Got'cha, will I have chance to pick out the brides maids dresses??? Just the style"

"That would be a good Idea. You might need to bring one with you. Maybe your maid of honour"

"I think I can get that arranged. Thanks a lot Mary"

"You're welcome, see ya tommorow Annie!"

"See you tommorow"

I snap my phone shut and spin to face Rosalita whose gulping down water from a glass. She looks up at me and smiles faintly. "Who was that?"

"Mary... she's helping me with my dress... I have a fitting tommorow. Can you come with me?" I ask.

The End

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