Annie: Why... am I upset??Mature

Rosalita comes out with Kate, the obviously not straight. I don't thinks she doesn't go for men either.... so she must be Bi like me.

"Hey" Jake says. He's smiling quite happily now at both of them but his arms around me tighten slightly.

"Hey" Kate giggles. Rosalita sits in the chair and Kate sits on the arm rest. "How are you two?"

"Amazing" Jake says kissing me. I pull back and look over at Kate and Rosalita who seem to be getting closer each secound.

"Jake's having to go away tonight to get back home so he can fetch his stuff over" I tell them looking directly at Rosalita for some reason. I feel pain in my chest and its like Jake feels it cause he tightens his arms again around me. Rosalita smiles.

"Do you want to catch up??" I ask Rosalita. Jake seems to wince and I look back at him to his face still smiling but it seems fake. Whats he worried about??

"I would love to" Rosalita says. "Your my best friend so I would love to hear about your trip to Australia"

Jake seems to settle. "We only went out twice" Jake says smugly. Rosalita slightly flinches at this which seems to make Kate as confused as me.

"Did you now?" Rosalita says. "Still a girly night with you Annie would be fun"

The End

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