Annie: Handcuffs???Mature

Rosalita and Kate left together which I really found uncomfortable.... Wait, why the hell am I uncomfortable? I'm with Jake now, I love him..... but do I still have feelings for Rosalita.

Even if I did I'm sure she doesn't have those feelings for me anymore. I see the emptyness in her eyes again which I was so use to before we started dating.

"So now they gone what you want to do?" Jake whispers kissing my neck. I shiver and cuddle up to him.

"How about watch a film?" I say. Jake sighs heavily.

"I was thinking of something totally different" Jake says pushing me down onto the sofa. I swallow nervously.

"But they could come back any second" I whisper. Strangely I feel nervous. Its then the bell goes. Jake sighs and sit ups letting me sit up myself. I get up and move to the door Jake following me.

I look through the peep hole and squeek ducking down. "Its Johnathan" I whisper to Jake. Jake looks through the peep hole then back at me.

"Thats Johnathan?" Jake asks raising an eyebrow. I nod and before I get chance to stop him Jake opens the door me behind the door hidden from view. "How may I help you?"

"Is Annie here? I heard she was back, I thought she would call me" Johnathan says his voice seeming snappy.

"No, sorry she's in the bath right now" Jake replies.

"I'm sure she wouldn't mind ME going into see her and talk" Johnathan says, he makes sure to make the 'me' clear.

"That wouldn't make me very comfortable. You going into the bathroom where my fiancee is naked" Jake replies calmly.

"Fiancee?" Johnathan snaps. "Right, where is she? ANNIE!?!? You whore get out here"

"You should leave" Jake says begining to close the door. Johnathan shoves his foot in.

"That girls nothing but trouble dude I warn you. She fucked me and Rosalita at the same time, did you know that?"

"Yes I did" Jake says calmly. The words seem to shock Johnathan and it gives Jake chance to slam the door shut. "Now I see" Jake says turning to me.

All I can do is nod silently.

The End

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