Rosalita:Pancakes and a kissMature

Kate accepted the offer of pancakes, and we sat round the table as Annie cooked. Jake appeared and sat opposite us. He was uncomfortable about the arrangement I could see, but perhaps he would ease up when he thought I was happy with Kate.

"You want another hot chocolate after filming today?" I asked Kate.

"Yeah, shall we see if we can get back in..."

" that place with the manager..."

"...who threw us out?" We laughed as we finished each others sentances.

"Yeah let's!" Kate was enthusiastic, and her little project seemed to be working on Jake at least. He looked more comfortable as he realised that I wasn't interested in Annie anymore.

"Only if you promise not to tickle me anymore."

"Only if you promise to keep your hands to yourself this time."

"Oh yeah? You wish I'd done anything more than tickle you."

"Quite right." She pecked me on the cheek, and then went to help Annie with the pancakes.

"So, you and Kate are together?" Jake whispered. I watched as Annie and Kate seemed to get in to conversation over the pancakes.

"Yeah we are. I really like her. How are the plans going for the wedding?"

"Good thank you. Annie thinks she's going for the dress this weekend."

"Oh, so what are you going to do for two days until she finds the dress?"

"Well, I have a few ideas."

"Uh huh. Well try to utilise them without using anything of mine."


"I'm just warning you, none of the things in my room are for public use. Just me and whoever I choose."

"Look, I don't need anything. I have the right, instruments for Annie." I stared at him disgusted. Then I grinned.

"I'm just warning you. You see, she always did like to play with handcuffs and things. Just saying."

I winked and at that moment Annie and Kate came over with the pancakes.

"Here we go!" Jake kissed Annie, obviously to annoy me. Hah, like that was going to work. Kate winked at me. When Annie and Jake broke apart I was feeding Kate pancake.

The End

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