Annie: Spoiled Pancakes... Spoiled MoodMature

I squeal and Rosalita comes running into the kitchen to see Jake has picked my up by the waist from behind. "Rosalita! Help! He just ruined my pancakes!" I moan. Jake continues to laugh and Rosalita just raises an eyebrow.

Then someone appears behind her. "Oh... Hello" I say blushing that someone I don't know has to see me like this.

"Hi" the girl says slipping her arm round Rosalita's waist. Strangely I feel a pang of realisation.

"You're Kate the one Rosalita said was straight" I pause then giggle. "That ryhmed"

"Yes, it did honey" Jake says reminding me I was lifted off the ground a destroyed pancake on the floor.

"You destroyed my pancake!!" I yell then begin to toss and turn in his arms. Kate laughs while Rosalita seems slightly pissed off. "Help!! He's cheating"

"How am I cheating?" Jake asks.

"Annie, doesn't like being a disadvantage" Rosalita says."You should know that if your going to be with her"

I feel the tension stretch in the air and Jake slowly lowers me to the ground. "I'm going to check on Lilianna" Jake says then kisses me strongely on the mouth in front of Rosalita. He leaves almost avoiding Rosalita like the plage.

Hell, this is getting very awkward. He wasn't jealous of people who came to talk to me at the pub. But my best friend, ex-girlfriend...... its like battle of my emotions.

"Um, I'll clean this up and make more" I mutter. "You want some Kate?"

The End

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