Annie: StaringMature


Rosalita looked at me and smiled. I shoke my head smiling. "You really have changed. Normally you'd be going out with a tight dress and thin tights" I say shocked.

"Yeah, well told you I got a makeover" Rosalita says then joins us at the coffee table where I've set the italien out. Rosalita picks up her plate and food then begins to eat.

Lilianna chooses that point to cry. I sigh heavily and Jake puts a hand on my shoulder. "I'll get it" He says. He smiles at Rosalita then moves off to Lilianna's room.

"He seems already comfortable round Lilianna" Rosalita says raising her eyebrow. I nod and dig in to my italien. "Whats the matter Annie?"

"Its nothing" I mutter.

"Annie" Rosalita says sitting forward and putting her plate on the table. I do the same then look at her.

"I feel like you're being really cold to me" I whisper. Rosalita looks taken aback then settles down. She sighs heavily.

"I'm just a bit upset that you just suddenly went and got engaged so soon after we broke up" She says picking her plate back up and begining to eat again.

"I don't want you mad at me" I mutter looking down at the floor.

"I'm not mad" Rosalita says popping a piece of pasta in her mouth. She looks at me and smiles but I see the force of it. "Besides as long as your happy"

I lower my head then look back up. "Rosalita.... will you be my maid of honour?"

The End

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