Rosalita:Under my roofMature

I stalked in to the house. And there was me trying to change so that she'd be happy having me as a friend, and she was off getting someone new in three days. It was a bruise to my ego as much as anything. But as I reached the sofa I remembered what a good time I'd been having earlier with Kate, and I decided to stop being so cold. I would be the friend I had been to Annie all along.

I turned and smiled at her. "You and Jake can take the double bed, and I'll take the spare room."

"But it's your bed."

"Well, I figure it's only fair seeing as you have a partner and I don't."

"Rosa...I'm sorry..."

"Sorry for what?"

"Springing this on you. If it upsets you we could go."

"Why would it upset me Annie? I'm your best friend." I turn away to stop her from seeing me grimace. Ego. Still. Hurting. "Anyway," I turn back all smiles, "why don't we order indian to celebrate your return?"

"Ummm, yeah, that would be nice."

I take Jake's order and then phone in. They say they will bring it to the house. So I sit down on the chair while Jake and Annie sit together on the sofa.

"So..." I tap my knees awkwardly. Annie breaks the silence. 

"So when did you get your hair done? And the new wardrobe?"

"And the piercings."

"Piercings? Where?"

"One here," I showed her the one on my upper ear, "and one...oh well, Jake doesn't need to know."

"You didn't??"

"No I didn't. I'm pulling your leg. I only got one done. And I went for the makeover the day before yesterday."

"Oh. It looks good."

"Thanks." Jake was staring at me. "What?"

"Nothing. I just can't believe that you and Annie... know."

I crossed my legs and looked primly at him. "What? I'm not her type?"

"Not as far as I know. I didn't know she liked the leather clad type. I might have to buy a leather coat for the wedding." Annie smiled and punched him lightly.

"Well I didn't look like this before, so I wouldn't. Look, I might go out tonight, after the indian. Let you two be alone. Let me just go and get changed."

I went in to my room and looked for the thing that would most shock Annie and Jake. My leather lace up trousers, my black sports crop top and my leather jacket. Normally I wouldn't put them together, but I wanted to show her I'd changed. Then I realised I couldn't go out like this. So I slipped off the trousers and put on my skinny jeans again. Makeup check. Ready. I heard the doorbell ring, and Annie paying the guy with the indian. I waited until she called me, and then stepped out.


The End

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