Annie: Crying then LaughingMature

Lilianna began to cry suddenly. Jake sighed and moved up to the carrier. "Pass her here" He says lifting her out.

As soon as Jake picks up Lilianna she begins to laugh. I cringe and look at Rosalita whose speechless. "He's good with kids" I say laughing half heartedly. Rosalita looks at me then heads off to the exit.

I get my suitcase and Jake gets his still holding Lilianna whose fallen to sleep on his shoulder. We pack our bags into the boot and I sit in the front with Rosalita while Jake sits in the back holding Lilianna.

"So... engaged in three days?" Rosalita says looking at me with a raised eyebrow. I don't see any pain in her eyes but I see an emptyness now as she looks at me and it hurts.

I nod silently. "My parents married in three days" Jake says from the back of the car. "Or was it 5"

I look back at him to see a look of thought on his face. I can't help but smile. "We arent marrying in 5 days" I say.

"Of corse not you're way to organized to not check every detail over and over again" He says smiling cheekily.

"Cheeky" I say. I look back at Rosalita and she's concentrating on the road. "So what have you been up to then?"

"I've got a new job as a cheorgrapher in a dancing film" Rosalita says with a shrug.

"Thats excellent" I say smiling. "You've always wanted that haven't you?"

"Yeah. I've also made a friend with the main character. She's called Kate" Rosalita says.

"Oh.... are you-"

"No, Kate's straight" Rosalita cuts in.

"Hmm, Straight girls ain't fun" Jake says in the back. I turn and look at him eyebrow raised. He shrugs. "What its true"

I roll my eyes and turn to sit straight just as we pull up to the house. "Here we are" Rosalita says getting out almost immediatly. Why does it seem to feel like she's being cold?

The End

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