Annie: Coming backMature

I continue to stare at the ring for the rest of the day even when we're getting ready for bed. "If you're uncomfortable I can still wait" Jake says. Coming up behind me on the bed and hugging me round the waist.

"No" I say looking back at him. "Its just with all the short relationships I've had I never actually expected to see a ring on that finger and to remain there....."

I trail off remembering Rosalita's promise ring. I throw my arms around Jake and bury my face in his chest which is bare. "Annie, there's no reason to cry" Jake says.

The realisation that I'm crying just makes the tears spill quicker. "Its cause I'm happy but also a bit upset it took this long to find someone" I whisper. Jake hesitates then wraps me in his arms falling back onto the bed.

"I'd rather you take that off before we go to sleep" Jake says tapping my finger. I nod and grab the box off the side. I put the ring in it and look at the simple diamond on the silver ring.

"Its beautiful" I say closing the box and putting it on the side and cuddling back up to his side.

"Of corse it is... your wearing it" Jake says kissing the top of my head. I smile to myself and tighten my grip round him.

"I think we should try and get back tommorow...... I want to go home" I mutter.

"Okay but... uh, didn't you share your house with someone else? Your ex?"

"Yeah but we have a spare room.... I'm hoping she won't be angry at me" I whisper. "You know for suddenly becoming engaged about 2 days after we broke up"

"Tell her it was fate" Jake says and I laugh. He presses his lips down on my laughing lips then pulls back. "No really tell her it was fate"

"Maybe" I say then fall to sleep in his arms.

The End

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