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I continue to stare at the ring then slowly look at Jake's worried face. He's waiting for an answer. I open my mouth to speak then close it again and look at the ring.

"Its to soon isn't it?" Jake sighs not expecting an answer but I give him one anyway.

"No its not" I say looking up and directly at him. "I will marry you Jake for the reason that I love you too and this is something I know I need"

Jake's face breaks into a smile and he pulls the ring out of the box and slips it onto my finger. He then kisses my hand all over. The palm, the back and every finger saving the ring for last.

He looks up still smiling then shoots to his feet pulling me into his arms and spinning me round. "I promise you that I will be whatever you want me to be... as long as I can have you in return"

Lilianna choose that moment to wake up and at the sight of me and Jake.... and possibly the wind... she begins to laugh and clap. Jake chuckles then looks at me and kisses my softly on the mouth.

I have no idea what I'm getting myself into but... he loves me and I think Lilianna.... gosh, he accept Lilianna likes its his own....

He's so perfect.

The End

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