Annie: RomanceMature

As I walk out of dining area with Lilianna I see Jake waiting in the foyer with a rose. He spots me and smiles walking over to kiss me on the cheek then kneel down and kiss Lilianna's forehead.

"Hello" Jake says handing me the rose and taking the pram from me. I walk next to him and wrap my arm round one of his pushing the pram.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"Botanic Gardens" Jake says as we reach the road and a taxi waiting. We get in packing the bags and pram into the back.

"Why are we going there then??" I ask holding Lilianna carefully and leaning into Jake's arms.

"You'll see" Jake whispers kissing my head. He's kissing me head??? But with no sexual intension..... strangely this makes me start to feel nervous.

I mean I can commit but no one's ever commited to me.... so I've never had chance to commit. "Annie... wake up honey?"

My eyes flicker open and I realise I passed out for a moment. So did Lilianna in my arms. We get out of the cab and put Lilianna carefully in her pram then head into the gardens.

We reach a bench and Jake turns to me. "Shall we sit down?" He asks. I nod then sit down at the end pulling the pram so its next to me.

Jake remains standing in front of me. I look at him and smile. "What is it Jake??" I ask.

"Um.... Annie, I love you" Jake says and gets down on his knees causing the smile to fall from my face and my whole body to freeze. He pulls a box out of his back pocket.

"I know we only met two days ago but... I want you to marry me" Jake says opening the box to show a ring.

The End

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