Maxxie: Be nice.Mature

I stay out of the fight between Cay and Hadley, not wanting to make it worse or get in the way. In fact, the way Hadley had snapped like that was a bit unnerving. He'd been alright to me so far, despite the fact I'm gay. I stay out of it right up til someone comes in and wraps his hands around Cay's waist to pull him off. I can't help noticing how the new guy looks like he's enjoying having his hands on my boyfriend a bit too much.

"Cay," I say warningly, standing in front of him so he can't see Hadley. "Chill out, gorgeous, we only just got here."

"I'm gonna fucking kill him!"

"Please, Cay," I murmur, resisting the urge to kiss him right there, knowing Hadley would see and probably kick off again.

"Smithy, cool your jets," the guy holding him says but he shakes his head, the furious look in his eye not fading one iota.

"No, someone needs to teach that little shit a lesson," he snarls and I grit my teeth. Fuck it.

I put my hands gently on either side of his face and make him look at me. "Look, I know that you two getting on is about as likely as me and my ‘rents getting on, but please just try."

"I'll try. But if he opens his mouth one more fucking time," he says threateningly. I nod and kiss him, half smiling.

"Still got a temper then, Smithy?" the guy holding him says, refusing to let go, even after I've just kissed him. I scowl slightly, but it goes unnoticed.

"Shut up, Ocala." I look up at the guy holding him, suddenly understanding. John. Between him and Hadley, this is already shaping up to be a fun stay. I try to keep my expression neutral as I look at him, but my frown probably slips back a little. John gives me this awkward little smile and a "hi".

"Hi," I reply, not really knowing what to say to him. "oh, hi. Mind getting your hands off my boyfriend, since you dumped him ages ago?" is what I'd like to say, but we've already had one fight too many today.

"I'm guessing you're Cay's boyfriend?"

"Yeah," I nod, smiling slightly, in spite of myself. That was harsh, Max, no need to rub it in. John might have been the one that dumped Cay, but they were friends for longer than that.

"I should probably let go then," he says with a nervous laugh. My lips twitch in a humourless smile, but I'm not sure he sees it.

"Well, I'd like him back some time today, if that's alright with you," I nod. John lets go of him and Cay says nothing, leaning into me. I wrap my arms around him, my smile warming a little. So what if it makes me look like a possessive boyfriend?

"Well, I better go. I promised Beau I'd take her to the park like an hour ago. I'll see you round Smithy."

"See ya, John," I mutter as he leaves.

"Be nice," Cay mumbles.

"I was," I protest, "I didn't say any of the things I was thinking."

"Be nicer. I'm not gonna like, run away with him." I frown. It's not like he's particularly civil to Alex.

"If you're nicer to your brother," I smirk. It's about time I found a way to get him back for the whole ‘make up with your mum' thing.

"...I'll give it a go." I smile and kiss him gently on the cheek. "I guess I should say sorry to Mom, huh?"

"Mmm. And Hadley." I wonder if that's pushing it. He nuzzles into my neck, telling me he will. "Promise?"

"Mmm." I smile and lean my head on his slightly, tightening my hug just a little as I push my worries about John and Hadley to the back of my head.


The End

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