Annie: MorningMature

I moan and roll away and out of Jake's arms. I don't even have to wake up to know its him there. Wow, thats freaky.

Its then I realis its Lilianna'a cries that woke me up. Jake moans on the bed and his eyes flicker open to watch me as I grab a dressing gown pull it on then pick up Lilianna. I grab her bottle and try to feed her but its not that. I sigh and grab a nappy, wipes and those little pink trash bags.

I take her into the bathroom and pull her changing mat onto the floor. I put it in here of corse. Then I change her nappy having to hold my breath. I return back into the room Lilianna now wide awake and giggling with delight. I look around for Jake but only see a note on his pillow.

I walk over and read it.

Dear My lovely two Girls,

I've just popped out for a walk and won't be long. I'll meet you at breakfast. I'm trying to find somewhere peaceful we'll be able to sit at.

Have breakfast and be already and dressed up. And I mean dressed not undressed. lol.

Love you both Xx

I smile at the letter then move off to get out some clothes for me and Lilianna. I decide on our matching summer dresses and it takes a few minutes to get Lilianna ready.

I then go and have a shower then ge dressed myself. I make sure all my curls aren't to frizzy then get out the pram and pack a day bag and head down stair with it and Lilianna.

"I wonder what Jake's got planned for us" I whisper down to Lilianna as we make our way down in the elevator. Lilianna smiles and sort of claps her hands. I smile back and then the doors of the elevator open to the foyer.

The End

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